Thursday, 23 January 2014

Fetish '14

Hello everyone and a belated Happy New Year to you all.  Well, 2014 is starting very interestingly for me.  For regular readers, you'll know that I've been recovering from a modelling-related knee injury, and while I'm back at work, it's not back to full health yet, so I'm still not taking bookings that require jumping or ballet.

Which means that 2014 is a perfect time for me to focus more than usually on my fetish work.  What fun!  I've always considered myself to be a rather dilettante, slap-dash fetish model, because a large part of my modelling career has been spent on non-fetish projects, and I've only rarely managed to fit spanking bookings into my schedule because of not being able to be marked very often.

But for now, that's not so much the case.  Hooray!  So this year so far almost all of my shoots have been very fetishy indeed.  And I'm planning to spread my wings a little with trying to represent some fetishes I've not tried shooting before.  Stay tuned - I'll try to do them well!

So here's one of the shots from lovely US photographer Busby Wilder, who travelled over from New York for this shoot (well, not only for this shoot, I don't suppose, but I wish to flatter myself with this idea). What lovely fun!  It's a tribute to Man Ray's famous photograph, but with added kink.

Hmm, that's not very big, is it?  Lord knows why, I'm sure it's not his fault.  I hate computers.  Hate, hate, hate.  It is not Computer '14 for me though, so I can wallow in ignorance with impunity.  Hope you have good eyesight! Anyway, what a lovely idea, and I liked having the fun body paint applied!

And Busby Wilder, not content with doing a stills shoot, also shot this interview with all sorts of surprising questions, some of which made me hide behind my hands, blush, or make weird shrieking noises.  Golly. Hope you enjoy it!

Oh God, it won't bloody upload.  Why?? WHY??? I'll try to get it up here later, with the help of people who have more skill than me. I'm like a bloody gibbon when it comes to my laptop.  Off I go to smash it against a window sill, whilst jumping up and down and hooting.

Hahahahaha, I fixed it! Ha! I am an IT genius and am available to hire as such.  Whoooooo! Whoooooooo!

Oh Gah, I have not exactly fixed it.  You can't see the whole screen, and therefore may not be able to deduce that the name of the piece is 'Restrained Eloquence'.  Which is rather clever, unlike me this morning.


Hywel Phillips said...

I've taken pity on Ariel and fixed the video size so you can actually see the whole thing :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ariel for the post and Hywel for fixing the video (it turned out the full title was about the only thing missing). It was a great interview; I wish you'd been miked (I assume it was a camera-mounted microphone; the interviewer's voice was clearer than yours), but that's a quibble. Some of those questions would have stumped me (I mean, the vanilla ones), but you always came up with a plausible answer quickly. I wonder where he got the questions? They jumped from topic to topic. He only asked a follow-up (that is, came off script) once that I can remember, but it was a good one -- asking why you chose flying as your superpower, and the answer was quite touching. I also found interesting your choice of alternate professions -- is that your toppy side expressing itself? The side that has learned to tie people up? And, in addition to everything else, to us Yanks it's a treat just to hear your musical British voice.

Speaking of your accent, I was also touched by a recent Tweet saying that as a child you used to envy the passengers on planes passing overhead. Britain is still one place where speech reflects social class, and I always assumed since you have the elegant accent you also had an elegant childhood, with no need to envy airline passengers. It's much too personal for you to actually discuss, of course, but now I'm rethinking.

I guess every cloud has a silver lining, if your injury has caused you to do more of the fetish work you love -- and there's enough to keep you busy.

Thanks for the post.

Michael from Texas

Anonymous said...

Amelia a nice interview ,politics all useless now if one said to get out of e.u. theyd have myvote ,hope you are better now ,love and spanks from ,Tim in U.K.