Friday, 4 October 2013

Radio Broadcast

Well, alright it's not really a broadcast; I'm experimenting with audio blogs for Restrained Elegance's new Tumblr blog and I decided to share it here too. I don't know if it will be fun to listen to, it's about seven minutes long and I'm talking mainly about this month's updates on Restrained Elegance as well as our recent location trip.…

0h, LOL, I can't work out how to embed the audio file, so I'm afraid you'll have to listen via the Tumblr blog. Sorry for all my technical failings!

 If you like the format though, I'll certainly consider doing more; maybe discussing more personal things like how I got into fetish modelling etc. Actually, maybe answering readers' questions would be fun so if you'd like more audio blogs and have a question for me please do leave a comment. Moderation is turned on to prevent trolls but rest assured I will publish your comment unless it's likely to be offensive to other readers.

All the best as always,



Anonymous said...

I can usually see tumblrs and follow links to tumblrs, but the link to your audioblog takes me to a login page. Apparently I'd have to have a membership to something to see it. So, I can't give you an opinion; sorry.

Michael from Texas

Hywel Phillips said...

Michael, it was the wrong link, I have corrected it. Hywel

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Hywel. I now know your name is pronounced the same as Howell (or at least that's how my corrupted American ears heard it).

Thanks for the audioblog, Ariel, and also for a look at the rest of the tumblr. Does "forces," all by itself, mean "military forces" or "armed forces" in British English, so a "forces sweetheart" is a likeable female in the military? As for the blog itself, it became slightly frustrating after a while not being able to see what you were talking about -- which may have been exactly the objective, since you need people to buy memberships! I'm glad you're well enough to be working again. I wonder who first decided to call the rope wielders of bondage "riggers"? It's an evocative name, but it makes me envision an attractive naked woman tangled up in the lines of a sailing ship (which is what I associate with the word "rigging"). I could hear the doubt in your voice when you described the harshest of the scenes -- reassuring everyone that you were the one suffering (and enjoying it); you hadn't abused any of your bondage-only models. Working for a site that (I infer) is oriented toward the romantic side of bondage, it must be a balancing act deciding how much to let your Amelia Jane side come out to play.

Again, thank you.

Michael from Texas

Figaro the Toy Cat said...

It took Mikki and I a couple of tries but it was worth it to hear your charming voice. It was like sitting with you for tea (and cake). Your voice deserves much wider "airing".

I don't normally comment on comments but was carried away by the comment on the origin of "rigging". Correct me if wrong but I heard it does come from the sea, via the theatre - where a lot of the stage hands were former sailors. I now have my head full of you running up rigging in some mad remake of "Carry on Jack". Not practical at present, I suppose, but we all have our fantasies. :-)

From Andrew

Anonymous said...

This is off topic but I can't think of another way to reach you. Thought you might find this video about the Everyday Struggles of a Tall Girl to be mildly amusing. They didn't do a great job; the observations are fairly obvious. Most of them apply to dating, which you no longer are. But you might find it more amusing than I do because you're in the situation. I wonder if a spanking video could be done along the same lines. You're too tall to fit on the sofa; when you grab your ankles, your bottom is shoulder-high on the spanker. There may be a similar set for bondage. There certainly would be a problem with cages; you'd struggle to fit in ones in which a shorter girl would rattle around.

Michael from Texas

Gustofur said...

I am a lurker who reads your blog almost every day. Keep up the excellent work.

When are we going to see a picture of your tan lines?

Anonymous said...

Amelia I really enjoy your spanking videos ,you are such a classy young lady ,best wishes to you bothfrom ,Tim.

Anonymous said...

Amelia Jane a Merry Christmas to you and yours from Tim,