Friday, 4 October 2013

Radio Broadcast

Well, alright it's not really a broadcast; I'm experimenting with audio blogs for Restrained Elegance's new Tumblr blog and I decided to share it here too. I don't know if it will be fun to listen to, it's about seven minutes long and I'm talking mainly about this month's updates on Restrained Elegance as well as our recent location trip.…

0h, LOL, I can't work out how to embed the audio file, so I'm afraid you'll have to listen via the Tumblr blog. Sorry for all my technical failings!

 If you like the format though, I'll certainly consider doing more; maybe discussing more personal things like how I got into fetish modelling etc. Actually, maybe answering readers' questions would be fun so if you'd like more audio blogs and have a question for me please do leave a comment. Moderation is turned on to prevent trolls but rest assured I will publish your comment unless it's likely to be offensive to other readers.

All the best as always,