Friday, 28 June 2013


Hello dear lovely kinky everyone who visits my blog.  I'm writing this because the virtual ship my blog has been granted safe passage on may be sinking.  It seems that Google is becoming non-kink friendly and that my blog here is likely to be shut down.

Many people are writing more intelligently than me on the subject; all I'll say for now is that I'm alarmed and disappointed in corporate society's apparent prejudice towards sexual diversity.  I'm grateful that my blog has been granted free hosting space for all these years, but sad that it's being taken away for such a frightening
reason.  I'm not part of a separate dangerous species of person who expresses their sexuality online and damages all the normal people.  The people (like me) who do this are normal people too.  Between us all, kinky and vanilla, pornographers, dentists, politicians, nail technicians, astronauts or whoever; I think we create an internet that reflects our interests and needs.  Kinky blogs form part of that reflection.  Therefore, I feel they have the same rights to belong on the internet as a sci-fi appreciation forum, online sewing-bee or whatever.


In the meantime, Hywel's kindly exported my blog here;-

while I decide where future posts will go.  Bless you as always for visiting, the online kinky community has never seemed so precious to me as it does today.

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Hermione said...

As far as I can see, you are displaying no advertisemetns so you should be safe. I recommend that you remove all your sidebar links to paid, commercial sites.

Hope you stay safe!