Wednesday, 30 November 2011

An Excess of Good Cheer

Before I start, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I was both comforted and enlightened by many of the articulate viewpoints that you expressed and I'm really happy to say that I feel I could make a better case for tolerance of BDSM lifestyles in future as a result. Lovely.

Anyway, this post isn't very well thought out. But I've been thinking about how much I like both 'enjoying' BDSM and 'not enjoying' it recently. The above picture which the BDM took for our site last month falls firmly into the 'enjoying' category, both because I was having a marvellous time (until a walker with a dog who LOVED handcuffs turned up) and because I was having a chance to display what fun it was to be in the sun, under a china blue Autumn sky with my BDM, doing one of our favourite things.

In the same month, I had all the fun in the world being a captured pirate, not 'enjoying' myself in the least.

Here's the angry pirate lady. I loved being her, all haughty and determined.

But I do know that some of the people who view my work on Restrained Elegance and sites with similar content get worried when they see work that looks as though I wasn't enjoying myself, so recently I had a go at making a video that was fairly dark subject-wise (political prisoner, scary prison cell, interrogator with unspeakable devices hidden in this suitcase)
but was narrated by another version of me, a nice safe one talking about her fantasy while drinking tea and eating cake.
I wonder if people will like it. I hope that the cheery framing device won't turn off the people who like serious scenes, and that the voiceover explaining how my fantasy is developing will help to reassure people who generally like low-threat bondage fantasies. The video's up on Restrained Elegance this month so do go and see what you think if you're interested. I hope that the narrated/enacted fantasy scenario might be one I can explore further; I really loved the opportunity to shoot something quite menacing and down-beat while using my voiceover to explain what made the scene hot for me.

I'm generally feeling very jolly and looking forward immensely to Christmas. I do hope that you are too, and thanks as ever for visiting.

Very best pre-Christmas wishes,

Ariel and Amelia xx