Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I've been irritated for ages by my habit of not posting on my blog unless I have time to post an essay. This is hardly ever, so I'm having a go (and do bear with me if I fail) at posting shorter posts, more often.

This picture (for Restrained Elegance) is what I want to talk (briefly!) about today, because I really like it. The near-symmetry of the composition, the nudity in a formal-looking environment, and the fact that it's not awfully clear what's going on appeals to me (even though it's a picture of me, which normally guarantees I won't find it terribly sexy). As time goes on, I find myself less and less keen on images that give you everything on a plate (in particular, sexually explicit shots, although I'm certainly not telling you that you shouldn't like them) and I find myself getting a great deal of pleasure from the subtler BDSM elements you can sometimes get a glimpse of in mainstream movies. I've been watching The Tudors and finding it fabulously hot in the clandestine way I used to, way before I knew about BDSM erotica. The king is allowed to have sex with anyone he chooses! When the ladies curtsey to him, they never seem to actually get up again! All the actresses look like Met-Art stars! (err, even when they're meant to be 40+, but no matter).

Now, obviously nothing we shoot for Restrained Elegance can afford to be quite so elliptical as mainstream work when it comes to referencing BDSM, but I'm quite keen on the idea of a little subtlety, nevertheless.

Hope you're all well, and thanks as ever for visiting.

A/a xx