Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

After seeing the new year in with the BDM, who very kindly gave me 12 strokes of the cane (which had been my idea because I have a very short memory and had forgotten how much it would be likely to hurt) I've woken up in 2011 feeling very energetic and ready to have an interesting and good year. Thank you to all of you who visit my blog. It is a constant source of surprise and happiness when I find people who know what I've been thinking because they've read about it here. So I'll try to share more of what goes on in my life here in 2011.

Good heavens, I'm also very happy to have been nominated as Spankee of the Year over at , along with some very super girls. So if you like my spanking work (or the work of one of those other beastly girls) do go along and vote for one of us if you feel like it.

I'll try to write more often but not write quite such freakishly long posts this year :)




Happy New Year, have a good one.


summertime75 said...

You are in god company but who could not vote for you.

Have a good New Year.

Pandora Blake said...

Happy new year! Hope we get to meet up in this one, it would be so lovely to see you again :)

Anonymous said...

Amelia Jane happy new year to you lovey and hope you are feeling better now i have ordered the srictly English spanking channel 2 you are in looks good disc ,love and spanks ,tim xx

Anonymous said...

Happy new year, with better health and good shape!