Monday, 17 January 2011


Over the last few weeks, I've been thinking a lot about the aesthetics of the spanking scene. So have some of my friends; Leia Ann Woods wrote a thoughtful post on her blog, which I commented on, and then realised I wanted to say more. So here goes.

When I started thinking about doing spanking work, I thought it would fulfil some long-held fantasies. I'd never had the chance to be spanked, and I thought it would be brilliant to experience CP in a safe environment, with an experienced top. I was worried I might be too old, too tall, not tough enough or not pretty enough to be accepted by any producers, but it turned out I was wrong. Since I was already working as a nude model, I was also very grateful to discover that spanking production companies were prepared to pay me well enough that I could afford to work with them and take time off afterwards for the bruises to heal.

Being paid to do something I'd always wanted to do was remarkable; liberating, sexy and very exciting. But the best thing about it was totally unexpected. At my first shoot, the absolute joy of being able to talk freely to other people who shared my fetish actually made me feel drunk. I couldn't sleep after my first shoot - the feeling of finally connecting with the spanking world was incredible.

At my next shoot, I met other spanking models for the first time. I'd been very nervous about it - my fantasies didn't involve other girls being spanked too and I was worried I wouldn't enjoy myself. But I'd reckoned without the pleasure of being able to discuss being a submissive/bottom with other girls who shared my perspective. Again, it was such a high to find so much, effortlessly, in common with these girls. Although I've enjoyed the company of other models in my mainstream career, this felt different - we could talk about the stuff that felt really important immediately - I loved the feeling of intimacy.

As I did more and more shoots, this feeling of belonging to a community grew. I met girls who had proper jobs, and whose only modelling work was for CP productions. I met scene players who didn't do any CP production work at all, but wrote extraordinary, intimate blogs about their lifestyles. I met men who offered their considerable skill at no cost to top for CP productions - just for the love of it. And when I was invited to play with some of these people, just for fun instead of for a movie, I realised I was actually becoming part of a real community, not just an industry.

And one of the things I love about this community of producers, bloggers, models, aficionados, anonymous commentators, fans, photographers and writers is the diversity of the fantasies they share. And the fact that this carries over into the way that the performers in CP movies can look.

If I look at an average catwalk show, I see models who are between 5ft8-5ft11 tall, and UK size 6-8. If they're caucasian, they won't be tanned, and they'll rarely have breasts above a B cup. They'll have long limbs and slim hips.

In an average glamour magazine I'd expect to see lots of girls with C/D cup breasts, even, symmetrical features, long, full hair and small waists. They won't have any body hair, but they'll have super-long eyelashes.

When I look at successful spanking models, I see diversity. Of course, there are lots of conventionally pretty girls in this industry too, but the rules of prettiness seem more fluid to me here. Our height can range from below 5ft to over 6ft. Size 6 is ok; so is size 16. You can be 18 years old, or you can be in your 50's and still have people who love your work. You can be soft and vulnerable, you can be toned and ripped. Of course, different people will have different favourites, and no one model will suit everyone's tastes. But I'm very happy to have found that in this industry, my looks are not the only thing that makes me bookable as a model - my fantasies, ideas and ability to take fairly hard CP are as important as my good skin or my toned abs.

So, thank you to all the people who help make this community/industry so inclusive. And well done to everyone (top and bottom, male and female) who has the courage to play their fantasies out on film. I'm sure I'm not alone in doing this despite having physical insecurities, rather than doing so because I have none.



Frank said...

The diversity of CP models is, no doubt, far exceeded by the diversity of the audience. If we only knew!

Dana said...

I'm only a member of the community in spirit, and my connection here is merely as a fan of your work. Of course, all of us have our unique tastes and ideals, and perhaps for a particular application, but it boggles the mind that anyone has a criticism of your "look" that they feel merits mention. And if a model's look happens to not be someone's cup of tea, I don't see why they would see fit to express the sentiment. What do they accomplish, other than to risk hurting feelings? Is their opinion on the subject really needed, or do they just enjoy being negative? Can a model be taller or shorter than they are? Is a spanking media producer ever going to avoid using a model because Jane or Joe Jackass had a problem with her?

It's a messed up world where you would have these kinds of physical insecurities.

Dave said...

Fantastic, wonderfully candid post.

And the diversity you so eloquently write about makes our little kink a rainbow of awesomeness. Well, perhaps cherry red awesomeness is a better word;-)

Kingziba said...

You, not pretty enough? Your like a Angel, and it's a blessing to all spankos around the world that your one of us :-).

What I love about the "spanking industry" is that the're aren't any models/spankees that are in it just for the money AND stay around for a longer period of time.Its really important to me to have the feeling that the bottom actually likes what she's doing, and doesn't just do it for some dispicable "guys on the internet".

So thank you for doing what your doing, and being so open about it!

EmmaJane said...

Great post :) Not being a model myself I love and empathise with what you say about our community, made up of all sorts of people who all bring different things to the table. We are not all the same, and it's what makes this community special

Pandora Blake said...

Bravo! I agree very much with what you say here, and it's one of the things that's always appealed about the spanking community. Compared to most fashion and mainstream adult modelling we can be proud of our acceptance of different shapes and sizes. The fact that spanking model blogs are so common is another awesome factor which helps viewers perceive them as humans in a way that is less easy if you don't have access to a model's personal thoughts. It's an advantage of the internet, too - models aren't even named on billboards, let alone with a link to their own site - and it's a very positive thing.

That said, let's not clap ourselves on the back too much. The spanking scene is still disproportionately white caucasian; not only are black women underrepresented, but to my mind I don't think I've ever seen, say, a spankee of Indian heritage - a sad gap given how many brown people I know in real life. Mind you, this white bias seems fairly common in the kink scene in general - and in fact in many subcultures and alternative scenes - so it's not just us. But it's something I'd love to see improved, along with a genuine acceptance of male bodies as nice things to look at, trans bodies, and fat bodies that aren't sidelined off in 'BBW' sites. Yes, size 14 might be accepted in spanking circles, but you don't see size 18 anywhere near as often. We're doing alright, but we're not yet as inclusive as we could be.

Robert said...

Amelia, you and Leia are tremendous. I was hooked seeing Leia with Mr. Jackson (Military). The thumbs did it and that led me to you (Expose'). Joining Firm Hand was well the result thanks to you two. I hope that you, Leia, and Mr. Jackson and same camera crew do many more elegant-looking shoots together. Illinois Bob

Robert said...

You talk about your looks Amelia. What I personally appreciate about you, beside the obvious, is this: I looked at thousands of free BDSM thumbs over the past three years. My impression: Most models look like hookers when naked - enlarged breasts, false nails, tattoos, trying to make extra money for drugs - a turnoff! You however, appear fresh with no tats, perfect manicure and pedicure, tasteful makeup, with some acting ability. You make a 'scene' plausible, like an average attractive woman finding herself in a mess and dealing with a dominant superior.

Funbun said...

You're a bright, very good looking and attractive model. I love to watch the spanking scenes in which you are performing as they - in most cases - have an atmosphere of genuinety.
It's my personal believe that most of us "Spanking lovers" like to see as much genuinety as we can,
No fake boobs, not too many tattoos, no pimps and girls that look like hookers; just 'normal' (Yes, I believe we are) people who enjoy the feelings that good spankings bring.
I love you for what you're doing and hope you will be performing for many more years to come as I simply love to see you playing.
And as a spanker you are marvellous also. Being tall helps a lot and when I see a lovely model draped over your long legs I can sense how much she must enjoy it.

A big "Thank You" for all you've given us already.

Ariel/Amelia said...

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful and generous comments. I'm really happy that I'm not alone in my feelings, and as always I'm grateful to be part of the community on spankos who mostly get to talk via the internet. I wish I could meet more of you in real life, but even online I appreciate the feeling of connection with this lovely world :)

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