Saturday, 13 November 2010

Oooh, Erotica

Hello everyone! I seem to be feeling better, and am back at work for now. I'll be having an investigative operation just before Christmas, and will possibly have bits of me removed if it's deemed necessary (I'm hoping they won't take anything important away, like my bottom...). But in the meantime, I'm allowed to shoot again, as long as I'm careful (no hanging upside down for now).

And to celebrate being back, the fabbo John Tisbury has employed me to work on his stand at the Erotica Exhibition in London next week.

This is very exciting for a number of reasons; we're exhibiting John's new work from the last year, which includes some pictures of me that I'm very proud of. I'll get to have a go at trying to make people buy things (I'm rubbish at this - I have no hard-sell ability whatsoever and am slightly pathetically grateful if anyone buys a picture of me). And hopefully, I'll meet a couple of people who read my blog. This is always tremendous fun; so if you happen to be in the London area next weekend come along and find me - I'll be in the art gallery section.

You can even buy the above picture, if you like.



I have a feeling that the pictures will not be hard to sell :) Good luck with the surgery.


KinkyClover said...

Myself and Dave will be doing some bondage work at Esinem's stand at Erotica. So will come over and say hello :-)

Hugs, glad your feeling better :-)

x x

EmmaJane said...

I love this picture, I would so buy it. I won't be there but shall check out the website.

Great to hear you are feeling a bit better. Fingers crossed for the full cure. xxx

Fred Bloggs said...

Wonderful to meet you this afternoon at Erotica 2010! You looked fabulous in your backless skirt!


Dave said...

Very happy you are feeling are fabtastic as always :-) Love your pix and vids of course, and greatly enjoy your bloggings and tweetings too.


Chris said...

Hi Ariel. Have loved your work since i first saw you in Feet fair, reinventing 'the pose'. You do alot of bondage, punishment and peril stuff, have you ever though about the cannibalism scenrioa like that which Mukis Kitchen do? I think it would be great to see you in that witch such an amazing body to show off

Fantasy Phone Sex said...

I love that feeling when you don't know what is going to happen. Yes, it could just end up being a crap date but it could also be amazing and potentially life-changing. Deep, I know, but if he was 'the one' it would alter things.

Phone Sex said...

Good to see you. There is everything that can increase intimacy in your relationships. Living out your fantasies is first thing.