Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Bondage Tutorials, and My Inappropriate Fantasy

The BDM runs bondage tutorials once or twice a year, and they're always very fun. This picture was taken at one of them. Everyone who comes to the tutorial gets to choose a bondage/lighting concept that they'd like to try and the BDM does his best to make that come about, even if the concept in question involves difficult, slidy ribbon-bondage.

Obviously, I also do my best to help. At the last tutorial, someone had the EXTRAORDINARY idea of putting me in a metal strappado, in globe cuffs. And very uncomfortable (but strangely interesting) it was.

So I'm very much looking forward to the next Restrained Elegance tutorial. Especially because the only person who's definitely coming to it so far is my good friend Henry Higgins (who, for reasons of excessive stupidity, I seem unable to link to - look at my Friends List instead - sorry!). This is exciting for me because his ideas tend to be more than slightly CP orientated. Mmmm, there has never been spanking related activity at the tutorial before, but now I'm rather hoping that other people who also like spanking-with-their-bondage might come along. In my new fantasy, someone will ask the BDM to demonstrate every single implement that we own on me. Which would take ages, and probably not be particularly instructive. But I'm enjoying thinking about it.

So if that's you, please come! And if Henry is reading this, please don't disappoint me by having a concept which is all about lighting and nothing else. Urgh! I'm extremely interested in spanking and bondage, but not so fascinated by f-stops, honeycombs and barn-doors. If that's what they're called.

I really like being at the mercy of other people's BDSM ideas. Especially when they sound ever-so-slightly too difficult and painful to actually cope with.....

This is a very weird post. Sorry everyone - I'm recovering from a general anaesthetic and everything seems a bit wobbly and unreal. But I do have time off as a result! I'll read it again when the drugs have worn off. I just have a strange desire to communicate.....