Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Entrepraneur (SP?)

The reason, dear people, that I'm blogging this week is because I'm at home, and therefore have time.

And the reason I'm at home, is because of this;-

I haven't paid an awful lot of attention to Clips4Sale before, but it seemed like a good place to do a bit more publicity for so I'm spending the week putting videos up, so people who don't want to join a membership site can still see all the bondage, bastinado and spanking that we've been doing.

And I kind of hope that because we're called studio/23235, that maybe I can be called slave/23235. Which would be hot. Mmmmm.

Because doing data entry is NOT particularly hot, and that's basically what this job is. But I'm entertaining myself by writing descriptions of me and my model friends. Everyone is 'Top International Bondage Superstar' unless they're 'Busty Blonde British Fetish Model' and I'm beginning to feel like a sleazy newspaper editor.

But it's very lovely to watch through old videos I made with the BDM before he even knew he WAS the BDM, and I've been checking that I didn't look thinner 3 years ago. This is not what I'm actually meant to be doing.

Back to work!