Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Motivation, Gingerbread and Caning

Happy New Year, everyone! I got back from my world tour weeks and weeks ago, so I do apologise for not posting any news about it; I'd just rather over-ambitiously booked lots of shoots in Europe up until Christmas, so I'm only just properly home and organising myself. I cleaned the bathroom today, and feel like a proper actual person who lives in an actual house again. Yay!

Just before Christmas, my car was broken into just outside Bradford. This made me very cross because;-

1) Mr Burglar stole my Satnav, so I became instantly lost on the way to my hotel.

2) Mr Burglar also stole my purse, drivers' licence and a week's worth of modelling fees (obviously, none of these things should have been in my car, but I'm not awfully good at thinking)

3) I actually SAW, and SMILED AT Mr Bloody Burglar while I was on my way into the supermarket (without my purse, naturally). Which really makes me think chivalry is dead. Which makes me sad as well as cross.

4) I had to drive round (in the snow) for 2 hours, with no passenger-side window, searching for my hotel. During which time, Mr Burglar who doesn't really deserve to be called Mr, had probably found his way home (with my Satnav) and was gorging on pizza or similar (with my money).

Brrrrr! But all is well now, for the following reasons (oh, dear, I do love lists);-

1) A lovely Ariel Anderssen fan (who I think would prefer to be anonymous, so I won't say who for now) sent me a super-dooper cake mixer for Christmas. I love it so very much, and have made a giant trifle with it. Mmmmmm. I don't think it's actually specifically a cake mixer, but that's all I intend to use it for....

2) The BDM gave me a 100 stroke caning on Boxing Day, which we hardly ever get to do because of marks. Hooray!

3) Strictly Come Spanking is up at http://www.northernspanking.com/ And It just makes me so happy. That's all.

4) I've got lots of spanking and bondage shoots already booked for this year! So I'll post pictures as and when they arrive. Oh, I just realised I forgot to put a picture on this post. Hmmm, shall rummage round and see if I can find an appropriate one.

Oh, I also remembered I haven't explained why 'gingerbread' is in the title of this post. It is because I was about to go and make some (with the new cake-mixer) when I decided I should be self-disciplined and post on my blog before allowing myself to do anything so frivolous. Wheee! I can make gingerbread now!

Happy New Year again, everybody!

A/a xx


summertime75 said...

Happy New Year

Arthur B. Burnett said...

Greetings from Texas,
Sorry to hear about the car, just glad it wasn't worst. It's wouldn't do for me to be a Police Officer, every thief I came across would be 'shot escaping.'
Looking forward to your adventures in the comming year. Enjoy your cake mixer.

Tancrede said...

Happy new year, Ariel-Amelia!
Glad to hear from you! Despite the bad news about your car, you've not lost the good humour which makes your blog so pleasant to read. Hope you'll post very often and send us pics from your world tour and shoots!
Happy new year to BDM too (btw, can he hope anything more, since he lives in so brave a new world with Ariel?)

Anonymous said...

Amelia sorry about your troubles ,hope you had a nice Christmas and a Happy new year to you with plenty of spankings on the sites ,i bought some of your vids from Strictly English very nice ,love and spanks from tim xxx


A blogger linked to my vanilla blog did a post about sat nav thefts. Apparently a lot are being stolen because at the time of being stolen the owner is not at home. So Mr Burglar can then use the address marked "Home" to go to the owners empty house and rob it. The official advice is to put in the address of the nearest 24 hour garage under your "home" address but I interpreted this as the address of the annoying busy body, who lives four doors down. Was that naughty of me ? :)


Anonymous said...

Oooooh, it is so aggravating when bad things happen to good people. In your place I'd have been a good deal more than merely "cross." I'm SO sorry that happened to you. I hope you had some insurance, but if the modeling fees were in cash (and it sounds like they were, for how could a burglar cash a check made out to you?), it might be hard to prove the loss. Also, there is generally a deductible. But even if you were made whole financially (which I doubt) there's the aggravation of having to replace your belongings, get a new license, cancel credit cards, etc. -- plus being lost in an unfamiliar town in the snow with a window that couldn't be closed.

I'm curious how you know it was the burglar at whom you smiled on your way into the supermarket. And how did you pay for a purchase without your purse?

Don't blame yourself too much for leaving your things in the car -- it's not your fault they were stolen, it's the fault of the rat who took them. Did you file a report? Was there any use dusting the car for prints, or do thieving rats wear gloves? (In the winter in England, probably EVERYone wears gloves.)

On other topics, I'm glad you have plenty of work (which of course you deserve, being the practically perfect model and performer that you are) and that you are getting to spend some time at home. And that you find such joy in baked goods.

Best wishes for the New Year.


Dana said...

Great to see you back! Like the rest here, it makes me very angry that you were robbed and had to go through all that stress. If "Mr Burglar" knew who he'd robbed, I think he'd have to be sick with guilt. What you need is someone to travel with you at all times and protect and look out for you. That would be my job, of course. In my dreams. :)

Glad you're now safe and cozy at home. You look so deliciously domestic in the pic. I'm wishing you a fabulous 2010.

Dave said...

Hi A/a,

So sorry to hear about the burglary of your car and satnav and the like.

In other news, I always enjoy your blogging, great to hear you are back from A/a World Tour 2009, and as a long-time fan, just want to wish you a happy, joyous and properous, oh, and cherry red, 2010 !

Best of regards,

Anonymous said...

Happy new year! And sorry to hear about Mr Burglar. Unfortunately, the Burglar family is quite prolific in 'Bratford' unfortunately! Hope Precious Garland is fully recovered from her ordeal.... See you soon! Kate x

Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture! You are so beautiful.

Master Retep said...

That was a shitty thing to happen, hope he got food poinoning from his pizza.

Sorry to appear picky, but that picture is of hot cross buns, Easter isn't that early this year, is it?

Cal said...

happy new year, indeed.
Sorry about your crime issues.
But the gingerbread looks wonderful! I'll be it smells heavenly.

I have such a crush on you, in a totally appropriate (if very kinky) way. And your love of sweets just makes that all the stronger.


Arielle said...

I long time Dom friend of mine ran into each other in a virtual sense today and in our discussion he sent me to restrainedelegance.com. Such a wonderful site!! I was browsing the models when I came across Ariel Anderssen and I must say that you are a gorgeous woman that seems to truly embrace the term 'elegant'. I goggled your name and found your blog... I love your sense of humor and hope you post more. I have to say I definately agree with your Cinderella Complex... I sometimes find myself slipping into such things. Ta-ta and enjoy!