Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Motivation, Gingerbread and Caning

Happy New Year, everyone! I got back from my world tour weeks and weeks ago, so I do apologise for not posting any news about it; I'd just rather over-ambitiously booked lots of shoots in Europe up until Christmas, so I'm only just properly home and organising myself. I cleaned the bathroom today, and feel like a proper actual person who lives in an actual house again. Yay!

Just before Christmas, my car was broken into just outside Bradford. This made me very cross because;-

1) Mr Burglar stole my Satnav, so I became instantly lost on the way to my hotel.

2) Mr Burglar also stole my purse, drivers' licence and a week's worth of modelling fees (obviously, none of these things should have been in my car, but I'm not awfully good at thinking)

3) I actually SAW, and SMILED AT Mr Bloody Burglar while I was on my way into the supermarket (without my purse, naturally). Which really makes me think chivalry is dead. Which makes me sad as well as cross.

4) I had to drive round (in the snow) for 2 hours, with no passenger-side window, searching for my hotel. During which time, Mr Burglar who doesn't really deserve to be called Mr, had probably found his way home (with my Satnav) and was gorging on pizza or similar (with my money).

Brrrrr! But all is well now, for the following reasons (oh, dear, I do love lists);-

1) A lovely Ariel Anderssen fan (who I think would prefer to be anonymous, so I won't say who for now) sent me a super-dooper cake mixer for Christmas. I love it so very much, and have made a giant trifle with it. Mmmmmm. I don't think it's actually specifically a cake mixer, but that's all I intend to use it for....

2) The BDM gave me a 100 stroke caning on Boxing Day, which we hardly ever get to do because of marks. Hooray!

3) Strictly Come Spanking is up at http://www.northernspanking.com/ And It just makes me so happy. That's all.

4) I've got lots of spanking and bondage shoots already booked for this year! So I'll post pictures as and when they arrive. Oh, I just realised I forgot to put a picture on this post. Hmmm, shall rummage round and see if I can find an appropriate one.

Oh, I also remembered I haven't explained why 'gingerbread' is in the title of this post. It is because I was about to go and make some (with the new cake-mixer) when I decided I should be self-disciplined and post on my blog before allowing myself to do anything so frivolous. Wheee! I can make gingerbread now!

Happy New Year again, everybody!

A/a xx