Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Panic! PANIC!

Hello! I'm briefly posting, even though I'm not home yet, and this is a bit of a tricky operation (because I've never really got it together enough to travel with a laptop or similar). I am in Los Angeles, and am about to go to bed.

And tomorrow, I am shooting with Dallas of

And OH, LORDY, I am scared! I really like Dallas, and his lovely partner, Sabrina; but after 6 weeks of touring, and looking forward to the kinky end of my trip (shoots with American Damsels, Bedroom Bondage, Good Spanking and Dallas on my last three days), I have now become terrified.

The reason for this is that today, my shoot with the beautiful, and really not-at-all-excessively-severe Chelsea Pfeiffer ( reminded me that spanking really, definitely does hurt. I've had 6 weeks of happily fantasising about all the nice feelings associated with the BDSM that I'm missing while I'm away, and now I've suddenly remembered, with less than 24 hours to go, that I'm actually very scared of Dallas and his implements. Duh!

I suppose I can see that I might just about survive the experience (MAYBE, if I'm very lucky) but I doubt that I'll manage it in the super-brave, SAS-style manner that I like to imagine myself adopting. So when I'm home (IF I'm alive after all the wooden paddles and giant leather straps) I shall post some pictures so that you can assess whether I was brave. Or not.

And if I don't survive it, then thank you Chelsea for at least preparing me. And for shooting a lovely video with me (which I shall also publicise properly when I'm home)


Thanks for reading.

A/a xx


Anonymous said...

I wondered whether this epic world tour would include any fetish modeling. If there was to be any spanking (and maybe any bondage, depending on how tight the ropes are) it WOULD have to come at the end, lest the marks show.

Every spankee I've ever heard comment has said that a long layoff makes the spankings much harder to take. I guess it's good that you didn't START with Dallas. Good scheduling -- Chelsea as a warm up.

As for being Ever So Brave, probably better to practice that with someone other than Dallas. He seems to me like the sort who would take bravery as a challenge. For your bottom's sake it might be better to be brave with someone ... less strict.

I'm looking forward to photos of your journey. I'm sure you and BDM are looking forward to your being home. You may NOT be looking forward to a long plane ride, sitting on the bottom Dallas leaves you with, followed by a welcome-home greeting from BDM. Ouch.

Best wishes,


Mark said...

I think Michael is right. Dallas will take an attempt to be brave as a challenge. And most bottoms in Dallas's past have learned that he is up to the challenge. Even without that challenge, Dallas is likely to light your lovely bottom up. And it's going to hurt. But keep in mind that Dallas also seems to have an uncanny knack for not going past his spankees limits.

Enjoy the paddles and straps and I wish you much endorphin {grin}


idlethoughts said...

So good to hear from you, looking fwd to more stories of your trip and possibly photos.
Empathise with your trepdation about Dallas, your bottom is likely to be very red and sore when he's finished. I'm sure it's harder to get into the 'headspace' for it, after a reasonable lay-off.
Will there be photos and/or video of your encounter with Dallas?
Good idea to warm up with Chelsea.
take care

Lancisto said...

Oh dear.

How sad.

Never mind.


morbius said...

Come on Ms Rutherford, i know you will get through this :)
and of course, give another fine performance of what a gorgeous red sore bottom should look like.

for goodness sake you are a spankgoddess! your worshippers need to see you spanked.....
er hard ;) sorry

Fid533 said...

Greetings from Texas,
I remember straps and board from childhood and would be scarded too. Where there will be pain and lingering discomfort take heart in the fact that you are too young and cute to perrish. Perhaps Dallas should tie you up first for form sake.
Good Luck

Dana said...

Unless you've been a truly naughty girl, you should have little to worry about, right? Isn't that how it works? I'm sure Dallas would not dish out more than has been earned. ;)

Seriously, I want to give you such a hug. A proper spanking is supposed to be difficult, though after you get home, as you're posting the visual evidence of your ordeal, may the memory be a warm one.

Anonymous said...

On the World Spanking Forum today, Dallas wrote "We just finished another severe but SUPER COOL (maybe one of the coolest spanking vids ever) with Amelia Jane Rutherford." He didn't mention anything about her having expired, or run screaming and naked into the street halfway through the shoot (though knowing Dallas, he might include the latter in the category of "super cool"), so we can hope Amelia Jane survived more-or-less intact and is headed home. Ideally with some photos.


Dallas said...

You can see for yourself here.

Dallas said...

Didn't work...another try Dallas
Just click on Dallas and the magic carpet will whisk you away.

Sabrina said...

Amelia Jane! I completely agree. You are indeed a spank goddess. I always look forward to seeing your beautiful face and of course talking with you between shots. We never have enough time. Just as we are deep in discussion of leather over wood... Dallas yells "Quiet on the set". ;)

This was an amazing time and video. I adore it. You were the perfect genie Janie - with just the perfect mix of true bravery combined with real girl that everyone adores. Your reactions are as real as they get.

We had so much fun with this shoot! Thank you so much! Your fans will dream of you nightly - as their spankable genie Janie with the sparkly feet.

Hoping your flight back was pleasant and that the endorphins carried you painlessly through your flight. :) We miss you! Much love & hugs from the US. xoxo *BLINK*

Anonymous said...

I've watched the preview Dallas is referring to, and it is a delight. You did SO MUCH spanking, right in a row! That implement list is scary! A genie Janie with a proper British accent takes a little getting used to -- but if Janie is hundreds of years old, then when she first learned to speak English, probably EVERYONE had a British accent. (Pretty good rationalization, if I do say so myself, and I just did.) Thanks to you all for the production.


PaulG said...

I'm of an age when the original show was part of my formative years and I have very fond memories of the delightful Miss Eden. However, this new incarnation is likely to leave a much more indelible mark upon my psyche. In fact there is a certain symmetry to the fact that good Mr Dallas was responsible for bringing us it since it was another famous son of Dallas (fictionally at least) a certain Mr Larry Hagman that starred in the original IDOJ.

My personal favourite from this era was "Bewitched" starring the delicious and much missed Liz Montgomery. Now that really is part made in heaven for Miss Rutherford. Now that's got me thinking....

morbius said...

Oh yes PaulG, formative years indeed
Bewitched. many a time i wished Darren would take Samantha over his knee. What a great sequel that would be.
Now as a Sci-Fi fan, Star Trek original must be an area for spankversions. william shatner did threaten a spanking to an alien princess so the door is ajar :)
Oh and Uruha with miniskirt & great ass, now that is a spanking scene i would like to see.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Amelia/Ariel has forgotten again that she has a blog. Maybe if I post something potentially controversial, I can provoke her to come back.

I was a bit surprised, a few days ago, to run across an online ad for an appearance by Amelia Jane Rutherford on a Clare Fonda site called Spanked Call Girls. It turns out (after some research) that the site is about a year old, and the advertised appearance was posted last summer, but this is the first I heard of it.

I don't see any mention of the shoot or the site here on this blog, though.

I won't say I'm shocked or disappointed, but I am a bit surprised. I know all the world's great actresses have played hookers one time or another (Jane Fonda, Julia Roberts, Elisabeth Shue, to start what would be an almost endless list). But an entire spanking site build around the idea of call girls being spanked -- for what, withholding money from the madam? Not hustling hard enough? -- just seems a bit sordid. To me, the Amelia Jane brand has a bit more class than that; she's a ballet dancer or actress or model or student or undercover journalist, not a prostitute.

I'll have to say, I'm just as surprised that Clare Fonda HAD the idea as that Amelia Jane went along with it.

So, maybe mentioning this will lure our hostess out of hiding before the New Year, if only to remind me that an actress has to take any role she can get, if she wants to keep working.

In one of life's nice little ironies, the Word Verification text for this post is "prosti."

I hope the holiday season is going well for you and the BDM.

Best wishes,


Hywel Phillips said...

Forgotten she's got a blog? I think she's even forgotten that she's got a HOUSE! ;-)

She's been all over Europe the last few weeks but is due home for a few days over Xmas... hopefully she will be able to catch up with blogging in the New Year, she hasn't got such a mad travelling schedule for a bit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Hywel/BDM. Now that I know Ariel/Amelia has been out there working her incredible bottom off, I feel churlish (nice, old-fashioned British word) for having been impatient. And definitely rude for trying to lure her to her blog with a suggestion she lacked class. The woman exudes class. Hywel just wishes she'd exude it where HE is instead of on the Continent.

Hywel, I hope she returns to you soon and that you have a good time when she does.