Sunday, 11 October 2009

In her Absence

Hello everyone. This is the BDM speaking. Ariel/Amelia is not here at the moment- she's on a world tour, currently working her way around Australia before moving on to New Zealand. She begged and pleaded for me to post on her blog while she was away.

This is a bit of a tall order as I am neither as witty, as amusing, as blonde nor indeed as tall as she.

And the promised "I'll email you photos of me from all around the world" have, needless to say, not been submitted. So you won't be seeing any photos of her on tour just yet and I'll have to make do with some of the many shots we've taken for our website at Restrained Elegance this year.

She also assured me in her most unreasonably wheedling and confident tone just before she left that I could write all about how lovely she was and living with her was like living with the Queen of Love of the World and that she was lovely! LOVELY! LOVEEEELY!!!

I suspect this was a ploy to undermine my dom-ly authority and make me look like a soppy gushing fool in public :-) So I will not be falling for that.

I will say this: living with an inventive, imaginative, occasionally infuriating, gorgeous six-foot blue eyed blonde supermodel with fabulous legs that go on forever (with gorgeous bare feet- forgive me for mentioning, but I do have quite the foot fetish) who is a naturist by inclination, and a submissive masochist by deepest nature with an insatiable appetite for being spanked, caned, dominated and tied up... there's never a dull moment!

Except when she goes away on a six week world tour, of course, at which point there are quite a few dull moments in which to really miss her. All very healthy for the relationship I'm sure, and of course I knew these long trips were part of her job. But I'd like Ariel the live-in slave-girl back pretty damn soon! :-0

Although Amelia-Jane could possibly stay away a little longer, until Ariel and I have got nicely re-acquainted. I don't really want to have to spank her in the arrivals hall at Heathrow for throwing a tantrum.

(That sounds super-hot, but there are a few too many real-life-machine-gun toting guards around for my liking. Maybe I'll just make her take her shoes off, walk barefoot to the carpark and do positions training on the concrete floor before getting into the car. The boot of the car, to be taken home in chains. Naturally.)

I'm sure she'll have done just dozens of things she needs to be punished for by now. Not sending photos, for one... at least we did a full day bastinado video shoot for the site just before she left, certainly giving me some very hot memories to get by on until she gets home!

And now I can see that her cunning plan has worked: I do sound like a soppy gushing fool in public. Oh well, roll on the end of the trip and she can tell you all about it herself!