Monday, 14 September 2009

Surprised into Domming!

Hello to all you kind people who read my blog. While I was walking around Tesco today I was wondering about how BDSM is seen outside of our lovely kinky internet world. The reason I was thinking this is because a very polite man had tried to ask me out while I was in the (extraordinarily cheap) ladies' shoes aisle. I told him I had a boyfriend and off he went (still politely).

I wondered what would have happened if I'd announced that I had a MASTER instead of a boyfriend. First of all I imagined it would sound rather impressive; then with a rather sad, back-to-earth bump, it occurred to me that most people would think it was just a bit weird and possibly dysfunctional. All of which made me appreciate the kinky blog-network even more than usual. So thank you all for being part of it by reading spanking models' blogs.

Hmmm, this is not what I was actually planning to talk about. I actually wanted to talk about an audition I had on Saturday.

I was terribly excited to be contacted about playing the role of a super-villain in a movie. I think I got offered an audition because they need someone who's over 6ft with fight training, and while there are lots of men who'd fit that bill, they need a girl. Hooray! I thought. And off I trotted to Knightsbridge, wearing my highest heels and a mini-skirt. This was in order to fit the sketch they'd sent me - this is certainly not how I'd choose to dress normally. I think I scared a lady coming out of Starbucks....

And somehow, it hadn't occurred to me that they'd want an exhibition of some aggression. The script required me to strangle a poor chap to death (not for real, please don't worry - I don't think it was that kind of movie...) This is something I suppose I was once quite comfortable with a few years ago when I used to do mainstream acting work and fight choreography. But having been happily concentrating on being sub for the last couple of years - eurgh! It felt awful.

Added to the horror was the fact that my 'victim' was one of the production staff. The weird power dynamic involved in 'strangling' someone you're hoping will be your future employer is altogether uncomfortable, and probably best avoided. I'm still shuddering now..... But hooray, I managed to get through it without confessing that I'd rather switch roles, please.

All of which reminds me that I meant to post the YouTube link to one of my videos from my friends at Here it is - I hope you enjoy watching me having a go at being a little bit dom - it's always more comfortable if I only have to be nasty to the camera....

I'm off on a world tour from next week onwards, so I'll try to post, but it might be a bit tricky. I'm back in November; have a great Autumn everybody, and thanks as always for reading :)