Monday, 17 August 2009

Not All That in to Spanking?!

A comment (by L, on my 'Lots of Beating' post a few weeks ago) made me think. It also made me slightly worried. He comments that I seem happier as Ariel than as Amelia, and seem to enjoy being tied up more than being spanked. 'Nooo!' I thought, and thought I should back my happiness up with pictures. Here are examples of me appearing to enjoy and not enjoy various scenarios:-

Sad About Spanking ( from

Happy About Bondage (courtesy of

Sad About Bondage (courtesy of

Happy About Spanking.
Oh. I don't have any. Thank you, L, for making a valid point :)

Hmmm, well, I can see why you might not think I like it from the expressions I like to do and I've been thinking about why.
I remember that when I started bondage modelling, I was only really comfortable with being the resitant, damsel-in-distress type, because I didn't want everyone to be able to see I was enjoying myself. I got gradually more comfortable with the fact that, hello, people might be able to guess that I was having a good time and I relaxed my rules, but when I decided to be Amelia Jane Rutherford too, I wanted to have the chance to be all haughty and resistant. I don't think it's because of my discomfort with being kinky any more, I think it's simply that I have so much fun being vile. But I promise, I definitely enjoy being spanked. Oh yes. I just like it best when I'm pretending to hate it.
Thank you everyone, for your comments - I'll try to comment on more of them :)


Dana said...

From my viewer's perspective, or as an evil top, :) a girl showing her enjoyment for her spanking is relatively boring. Where's the drama? Should a haughty spoilt brat welcome her comeuppance?

That otk picture is striking, the look on your face just right. I really enjoy seeing you having fun being "vile" and then forced to endure a most humbling downfall. What I love about this blog is getting to know a little bit more about you, that you really do enjoy what you do, and that you're about as close as one gets to the antithesis of vile. On some level, we're all at least a little vile, so I think the drama of punishment can be a rather satisfying one.

Ariel/Amelia said...

Thank you very much Dana :) I like the idea of being the antithesis of vile - I'd like to find a way of saying that during a spanking movie.

Anonymous said...

In the work I've seen you do as Amelia, you're never vile, you're just outraged at the thought that someone presumes the authority to spank you (which, in the non-con situations being depicted, IS rather outrageous). But you always wind up bent over anyway. You're not vile, you're merely charmingly reluctant.

I don't know that much about bondage erotica, but apparently there is room in it for depictions of subjects both willing and unwilling, both happy and unhappy to be tied. In the more BDSMy sort of spanking erotica, there's also room for willing, happy spankees (people who have asked to be trained as slaves, etc.) but in the mainstream spanking work you do, the emphasis is almost entirely on non-con (or, more acurately, semi-con -- the spankee does consent to be spanked, but she's not happy about it) situations. So of course you don't appear happy; you'd mess up the scene if you did.

But I am very glad you answered the original comment. When I read it, I hoped you would. It seemed clear to me, because spanking is part of your domestic arrangement, that you want and/or need spanking to be part of your life. I'm sure there are models who are spanked purely for the money, but they probably don't have blogs such as this -- you do this as your contribution to a community of which you are part. If you were a "take the money and run" model, you'd leave the promotion up to the producers/distributors.

But among spanking fans (and bondage and BDSM fans too, I suppose) there's a chronic debate as to which models are into it versus which ones are not, and which kind is better (do we get better suffering out of the ones who aren't into it, or do we feel guilty watching someone get spanked who does not enjoy it on any level?). You're into it, and you give TOP quality suffering. Debate over (as far as your work is concerned).


idlethoughts said...

Love your blog and your films. Please continue to play that wonderfully haughty young woman, that's why you were made for period pieces - well brought up daughter of landed / wealthy family, taken down a peg or two by local landed gentry, who cannot abide your apparent superiority.
There are very very few who have your natural grace and talent for playing these characters in both scenes.
You always leave me thinking that you hold the trump cards and roll on the next scene!

Erik said...

I really love all your films, you are wonderful

churchill said...

Ropes and a smile,what could be better than that? I can't be the only person on earth that likes consensual bondage and discipline. Your most sensual work, to me, is when your obviously enjoying yourself. Forced B&D borders on abuse!!

Anonymous said...

I think you are magnificent, with just the right touch of (haughty diva)resistance. What I also love, (which we see too little of in spanking vids) is loving reconciliation at the end -- hugs n kisses and bottom rubs. In your FirmHand Bodyguard series, you wrote that in and I loved it! That's very much like playing with my love and is so welcome.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you should be 'happy' during a punishment!

It's more 'exciting' rather than 'nice' - like going on those terrifying rides at the theme park, but with an erotic element added in.

I think you look just great in that photo.