Thursday, 30 July 2009

Being Ever So Brave

This month, a new aspect of my kink seems to be emerging. And very interesting it is (for me. It may not be very interesting for you, in which case I apologise unreservedly. My blog is awfully egocentric, I'm afraid). Now that I've started to write about it, I realise it's not actually entirely new, it's just that I'm concentrating on it more than normal, and all my fantasies are rather focused on it right now.

This month I am Being Brave.

It suddenly struck me that I do tend to behave in an utterly undignified way. Now, this is a great deal of fun, but I've started to feel very impressed with and envious of people who are a bit braver and more stoic than me (there are many of these people, alas). So lots of my fantasies involve being a highly trained military-something (hmm, haven't really researched this very thoroughly yet) and being magically tough enough to cope with all sorts of cruelty. I want to try to psych out whoever's punishing me by not responding; and while this is probably going to be impossible, it's awfully satisfying and exciting to try.

So here is a picture of me being Ever So Brave, confronted by a wicked doctor who has locked me up in his asylum. He's probably going to do terrible things to me, and of course I'm frightened, but I'm not going to tell him who I'm spying for (I want to be a spy as well as a military-something - sorry I forgot to mention that before) because I'm VERY tough.

Sadly, this week in my real life I have not been Ever So Brave. On Tuesday I had a super spanking shoot (with my friend P, who writes beautiful scripts) and I tried to be terribly self-possessed in our 'arrested abroad after being framed for drug-smuggling' storyline, but the false accusations made me cry (duh, not brave) and I don't think I took the 62 cane strokes in a very highly-trained way, to be perfectly honest.

But it's not about the winning, it's about the taking part. OBviously. I shall keep trying. Who Dares Wins, and all that. Oh, I want to be Andy McNab....


Lancisto said...

Brave? I think you'd be better as a squaw - carried off over the saddle of an ever so rugged cavalry officer.

Of course, I am sure that some squaws did spy, and had to be interrogated "aggresively".

Anonymous said...

Nice pun on the word "brave," Lancisto -- but Ariel/Amelia must surely be the least likely person to play a Native American in the 47 years since blue-eyed Chuck Conners portrayed Geronimo. I suppose she could have been abducted as a small child and RAISED by the Indians, though. The cavalry officer is rescuing her, but she doesn't want to go.

Spanking a woman for wanting to return to the only family she's ever known seems like kind of a mean-spirited premise, though.

I'd much rather spank her just because it's fun!


Dana said...

Fragility is one of your many charms. Dignity quickly becomes tedious when a girl should be either ashamed of her behavior or is being made to behave. But I do respect your wish to be tougher. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm a first time commenter on your blog and, although my main purpose is to pose a couple of questions, I feel bound first to say something relevant to your present topic.

"I feel bound"; oops, unintended gag. "Gag" - I did it again. Not amusing; must use some restraint.

Making frequent funny (or spiteful) remarks about others is something TOUGH people do all the time. I hope I'm not very good at it. I think it requires one to be indifferent to the feelings of others, but I can't see you as the subject of such a description. If you're determined to cultivate a new persona, I think she needs a name. I suggest Miss Wellard-Innit, but I'm at a loss when it comes to a forename.

Now I must start backtracking towards the questions I threatened earlier. When Niki Flynn's book came out a couple of years ago, I began working my way through the sites she recommended. One subscription deal, which lapsed long ago, included Girls Boarding School. I have since learned that Pandora Blake is/was Paulina on that site, and I am considering reviving my membership. So my first question is: does GBS impose a name on you too and, if so, what is it?

I followed the link on your blog to School Mistress Fantasy; their advertising material speaks of "mild nudity and scenes of simulated punishment". My second question, not to put too fine a point on it, is: do you just pose, or do you actually get smacked?

My favourite instance of your work is a clip produced by Firm Hand Spanking in which you are an undercover journalist investigating disciplinary methods at an exclusive finishing school. You get strapped by the headmaster on the bare backside for refusing to change into your uniform and then, once in uniform, two more sweet strokes on each hand. I believe the headmaster was played by Lucienne Zeher. Thank you.