Sunday, 24 May 2009

Spring Time!

Well, good lord. I'm back from a trip to Morocco, and, as always, am appalled at myself, and both flattered and rather amazed by the gracious people who post comments on my blog. Thank you! I've became phobic of visiting my own blog because it shames me so much, seeing the evidence of my own laziness, and the kind supportive comments everyone else seems to manage to find time to write.

I've also been reading a super book called Blood, Sweat and Tea by Tom Reynolds, a UK ambulance-driving-hero-man (oh, bloody hell, I suppose I should link to it and I seem to have broken the thing that does that) Oh good heavens, it actually worked. It's based on his blog (ha, shall link to it now!) and not only am I impressed by his lovely writing and kindness, but I'm shocked and amazed that he managed to write a blog that was LONG enough to turn into a book. This makes me EVEN MORE ASHAMED.

So I'm trying again. It's springtime, I've been shooting with the BDM (Boyfriend/Dom/Master for those of you who are new to my blog, or just can't face trawling back over past entries) outside, in the bluebells. In purple handcuffs. I have many things to say, having been absent for so long, but I'm trying to control myself, and organise my blog into shorter, more frequent posts. Like a proper blogger. In the meantime, I shall say that I very much liked being photographed in handcuffs that matched the surroundings. Thank you BDM.

And Leia Ann Woods SPECIFICALLY told me that it's ok to post one-sentence blog-posts. Like;-

'Mmmm, red shoes.' presumably. Which is the kind of thing she says. You may think this would be a bit unsatisfactory, but she assures me that it's ok. Thank you Leia!


^Mike said...

"Mmmm, maybe."

Paul said...

Amelia, I've long been a fan of yours.
Loved you in Wheatley Manor and in everything I can find of yours.
Warm hugs,

Pandora said...

Spring? Good lord, woman, it's been summer for weeks! You really are behind, aren't you? ;)

I find that the great thing about being a spanking model is that if you write unsatisfactory blog posts, people are very quick to suggest a certain remedy...

Dana said...

True. I've found that each time I check lovely Miss Amelia's blog and discover it neglected, my disappointment is best assuaged by imagining in great detail how I might punish that young lady if I were her blog taskmaster. Ah, the trouble she's been in. :)

Now I've discovered Pandora's blog, and see that she's a very good girl.

Jack said...

Have you ever considered twittering Ariel/Amelia? Its much less intense than blogging. You can log on each day and type no more than one line if you wish. In fact each comment is limited to 160 characters so people don't feel the need to write a load of stuff.

It also really allows you to get the feel of people's real lives. I've spent many an hour reading Jonathon Ross mumble on about his feet or Stephen Fry complain about his cooking. Be very interesting to see inside the real world of the bondage model. Not just the whips and chains, but also the mundanities!


Lancisto said...

Perhaps "Mmmm, red shoes" would be a touch unsatisfactory, but "mmmmm, red bottom" with accompanying pictures would do nicely :)

Caroline Grey said...

Ah, keeping the old blog updated can be a struggle at times, but I'm pretty sure everyone's just thrilled whenever they see a post. Pretend like you're keeping them in suspense on purpose and I bet you'll win even more points.

I'm so into the matching accessories with the background. Major WIN. :)

Lancisto said...

Even without my chum Tigerwhatsisname, Caroline, you should realise that deliberate keeping in suspense is a flogging offence.

Report to my study, and bring Amelia for good measure (a yardstick seems like a good measure).

idlethoughts said...

Lovely to have you back, perhaps your BDM could take a few more photos of you 'arranged in the woods' possibly post being dealt with! Enjoy reading your blogs when they appear cos they do seem genuinely to be stream of consciousness at the time.
Take care
ps enjoyed you in Wheatley Manor, would love to see the same group in feature film length 'period drama'!

Caroline Grey said...

I am now obsessing over that adorable dress.

Lancisto: Ha! You sure have it in for me. :)

Paul: I saw a little while back that Niki and Amelia were in a period piece together called "What The Dickens!" I haven't seen it yet, but I really want to.

Okay, off now to my own blog before I hijack AJR's!

Irelynn said...

My dear, you can write blog posts on anything, and make them as short or long as you want. People are still going to love you, no matter what you do, because you're Amelia freakin' Rutherford. ;)

Hope the wall painting is all done now. I just started on my own walls and am already bored of it. I wonder if writing kinky phrases on the walls first would make it more interesting.

The picture's lovely by the way. Matching handcuffs indeed!

Luis Horacio said...

you look great!! cuffed in the woods, tks for your blog

Anonymous said...

Amelia jane i love your blog as we all love you and seeing you spanked on the vids you are in . love and spanks, tim xxx

Anonymous said...


I really like your work, I was wondering who's your bdm, can we see him, in some spanking videos?

Dave said...

You could post a one-word blog post, and I would be happy.

So definitely don't feel pressured or anxiety or whatnot to update your blog--just get your blog on when the mood strikes. :)

Your fans will always be here.

Best regards,


Lucy McLean said...

How exactly DO you manage to look younger in every picture? (am jealous)

Very lovely pic, regards to the photographer :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Amelia Jane
You write an intelligent, literate and pithy blog that is always amusing and informative, so please don't feel that you have necessarily to populate it every five minutes. Economy is much to be preferred to blather; a little of what you fancy, as it were. Good luck with everything you do.

Cal said...

I agree with Jack (his Twitter post is in the middle somewhere) - a tweeting Amelia wuold be a must-follow :-)