Sunday, 24 May 2009

Spring Time!

Well, good lord. I'm back from a trip to Morocco, and, as always, am appalled at myself, and both flattered and rather amazed by the gracious people who post comments on my blog. Thank you! I've became phobic of visiting my own blog because it shames me so much, seeing the evidence of my own laziness, and the kind supportive comments everyone else seems to manage to find time to write.

I've also been reading a super book called Blood, Sweat and Tea by Tom Reynolds, a UK ambulance-driving-hero-man (oh, bloody hell, I suppose I should link to it and I seem to have broken the thing that does that) Oh good heavens, it actually worked. It's based on his blog (ha, shall link to it now!) and not only am I impressed by his lovely writing and kindness, but I'm shocked and amazed that he managed to write a blog that was LONG enough to turn into a book. This makes me EVEN MORE ASHAMED.

So I'm trying again. It's springtime, I've been shooting with the BDM (Boyfriend/Dom/Master for those of you who are new to my blog, or just can't face trawling back over past entries) outside, in the bluebells. In purple handcuffs. I have many things to say, having been absent for so long, but I'm trying to control myself, and organise my blog into shorter, more frequent posts. Like a proper blogger. In the meantime, I shall say that I very much liked being photographed in handcuffs that matched the surroundings. Thank you BDM.

And Leia Ann Woods SPECIFICALLY told me that it's ok to post one-sentence blog-posts. Like;-

'Mmmm, red shoes.' presumably. Which is the kind of thing she says. You may think this would be a bit unsatisfactory, but she assures me that it's ok. Thank you Leia!