Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Vanilla Flavoured

Hello everyone (apologies as always for being so awful; but how nice to have comments from all the kind spanking models who are clearly a) more organised and b) more polite than me and comment like proper grownups on other peoples' blogs. Thank you everyone for your comments - I think I'll start writing posts that actually start answering peoples' questions. Maybe one a week? 'Blogging Wednesdays' maybe :)
Anyway, it's recently come to my attention that normal people sometimes read my blog. I had a normal(ish) shoot on Saturday, and at the end, the photographer said 'Good luck with your orange walls!' Hmm, I thought he was a scary psychic, but it turned out he'd just researched me rather thoroughly and FOUND my blog, even though he wasn't shooting me as either Amelia or Ariel. Wow! After feeling a little bit exposed (and awfully impressed with him) I realised that actually there are a few people I know of who aren't really into bondage or spanking, but who kindly visit my blog anyway. I do wonder if you think I'm mental, but it's very nice to have you.
So, in honour of any vanilla readers, here are some vanilla facts about me :)
1) I don't like ice cream, especially not vanilla.
2) Mmm, I REALLY like sword fighting. I used to do it, and loved it very much (mainly because it was a little bit like BDSM though - I always made sure I lost)
3) I trained in classical theatre, and used to tour the UK doing Shakespeare plays before I discovered modelling.
4) Oh good lord, I'm scared of spiders, being underwater, monsters hiding in cupboards and blood tests.
5) Urgh, I can't bear to look at shellfish. Brrrrrrr!
6) Well, this is a bit boring. I'll stop now.
Urgh, boring myself. I shall go back to discussing spanking and bondage. At the moment I'm thinking about spanking machines, ball gags and obedience training. Hooray!


^Mike said...

Spanking machines are relentless,pitiless, and cannot be bargained with. No amount of begging or pleading will avail you, as they complete the task they've been set to do. All of which makes them ideal for instilling the strictest obedience, don't you think? Especially those machines, like (a *properly* redesigned) Asimo, which have the ability to come and take you in hand.

Absolutely loved swordfighting growing up, and added Kendo (Samurai swordfighting) at a young age. Probably the best fencing film I've seen is "By the Sword" (Eric Roberts, F. Murray Abraham).

I've just begun following your blog, A/a, and very much enjoy your writing. You have an interesting voice which comes through quite well.

Lori Williams said...


You are an incredible beauty, I would give anything to have your incredible legs and perfect rump. What kind of exercises do you do to keep yourself in such good condition?

My personal sword fighting fantasy involves me, the villainess of course, having the tables turned on me in my own dungeon by the heroine. I am wearing a black leather catsuit, black leather full length gloves and thigh high stilleto boots. As the fight rages on my outfit is slowly cut away from me by the heroine's brilliant swordplay. Eventually all I am wearing is the boots and the gloves. I hack away at the heroine with my cutlass, but never come close to even touching her. Then in one deft move she disarms me. I stare in disbelief as she examines my sword. I turn and flee in great disorder with the heroine hot on my booted heels spanking me with the flat of my own sword.

I race up the stairs of the dungeon with the heroine hard at my heels, blistering my bottom with short sharp smacks that elicit girlish whimpers and yelps from me and condescending laughter from her.

Finally, I reach the door of the dungeon, but she is simply too quick for me. She has blocked my way! I look around desperate to avoid capture. However, again, I am too slow. The heroine grabs me by my blonde hair spins me around and gives me a last sharp blow on the bottom with her cutlass. I fall blonde head over black, booted, stilleto heels down the stairs. I am on my hands and knees and trying to get my wits about me. I slowly stand up hoping to make good my escape when I hear a jaunty shout for the to of the dungeon stairs. The heroine has lept out and grabbed a chandilller (sp?) and is now flying at me. I attempt to avoid my fate, but I am all butt and boobs and can't get out of my own way at this point. The heroine opens her legs in mid-swing, places my exhausted body in a scissor hold with my large breasts preventing me from falling through the grasp of her legs and then at the apex of her swing she releases me. I give a feminine scream as I tumble helplessly into the dungeon cell that I had intended to put her into. I am concious, but so tired and scared that I simply cower in the cell as the heroine locks me in with a smug condescending smile on her face.

The fantasy ends with the heroine biding me farwell as she ascends the stairs. She gives me a casual look over her shoulder and giggles at the irony of me being imprisoned in my own dungeon, exhausted, dissheveled, naked except for my gloves and boots and with an angry red bottom.


Lori Williams

P. S. I just love your accent.

Spanking_Amy said...

No ice-cream? How awfully disappointing!

We shall just have to share another pizza instead.


lancisto said...

I wonder if publishing a list of things you really don't like is entirely wise for someone who gets tied up and mistreated quite so much.

Then again, particularly given the date, this could be a double bluff. The scientific mind starts to contemplate experiments to determine the truth of all this. Perhaps this experimentation should be filmed - keeping it to oneself would be sooo shellfish.


Funbun said...

I would LOVEe to unwrap that 'fragile' package...
To find there are two lovely buttocks attached that are not that fragile at all...
So I take the 'package' over my knee to teach a lesson not to cheat!
With good sound slaps onto those incredibly beautiful and spankable buttocks of yours...
((((((HUGS)))))) Funbun

Ian Shuttleworth said...

I'm not sure I would ever want to be considered 'normal' (or vanilla - I like chocolate too much).

Whatever I am, it is always a pleasure to see your photographs in any and all capacities. Your exploits and adventures are followed with great interest.

Love and best wishes.

Dave said...

You are way too cute :) and love hearing about all your interests, both kinko and vanilla. I had a feeling you were a thespian!

anyway, love your blog as always. Your previous "I forgot I had a blog" post is a classic, btw.

I just wanted to say: Thank you for bringing a lot of goodness and beauty to this fetish we share, and for having a wonderful sense of humor as well.

Best regards,

BrushStrokes said...

Amelia, You are beautiful and talented and of course I love your blog.

Paul said...

I for one don’t think you’re mental, I think you’re great!

What a boring world it would be if we all liked the same things and I’m honoured I made it into your blog.

The scary psychic

MarQe's Study said...

You're a Peach ;)

dadalah said...

I got a huge laugh googling your blog just now: third on the list was 'Naughty Amelia Jane.' Ooh, I thought, something hot (but then again, Amelia Jane is always at least naughty: that's the point of her, right?)! Much to my delight, 'Naughty Amelia Jane' turned out to be a children's book written in 1946 by one Enid Blyton about the adventures of the naughtiest toy in the nursery. Must have been favorite reading when you are little, I presume.

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Anonymous said...

This is the world's most neglected blog!! MUST DO BETTER!

spanking~amber grey said...

In her defense, I have to admit that I share the "neglected blog syndrome" but at least she has AWESOME photo's to more than make up for it. Sorry for my bad manners in the way of lurking and not commenting until now. I do like ice cream but vanilla is my least favorite. I too am terrified of spiders. Bees also. Anyway... I Enjoy your blog :)

steve said...

Amelia Jane Rutherford is one if not the Most beautiful Sexy and Prettiest ladies on the who web what a complete little stunner she is