Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Vanilla Flavoured

Hello everyone (apologies as always for being so awful; but how nice to have comments from all the kind spanking models who are clearly a) more organised and b) more polite than me and comment like proper grownups on other peoples' blogs. Thank you everyone for your comments - I think I'll start writing posts that actually start answering peoples' questions. Maybe one a week? 'Blogging Wednesdays' maybe :)
Anyway, it's recently come to my attention that normal people sometimes read my blog. I had a normal(ish) shoot on Saturday, and at the end, the photographer said 'Good luck with your orange walls!' Hmm, I thought he was a scary psychic, but it turned out he'd just researched me rather thoroughly and FOUND my blog, even though he wasn't shooting me as either Amelia or Ariel. Wow! After feeling a little bit exposed (and awfully impressed with him) I realised that actually there are a few people I know of who aren't really into bondage or spanking, but who kindly visit my blog anyway. I do wonder if you think I'm mental, but it's very nice to have you.
So, in honour of any vanilla readers, here are some vanilla facts about me :)
1) I don't like ice cream, especially not vanilla.
2) Mmm, I REALLY like sword fighting. I used to do it, and loved it very much (mainly because it was a little bit like BDSM though - I always made sure I lost)
3) I trained in classical theatre, and used to tour the UK doing Shakespeare plays before I discovered modelling.
4) Oh good lord, I'm scared of spiders, being underwater, monsters hiding in cupboards and blood tests.
5) Urgh, I can't bear to look at shellfish. Brrrrrrr!
6) Well, this is a bit boring. I'll stop now.
Urgh, boring myself. I shall go back to discussing spanking and bondage. At the moment I'm thinking about spanking machines, ball gags and obedience training. Hooray!