Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Forgot I'd got a Blog!

Oh lordy. I'm so sorry to anyone who's been visiting my sad, unkempt blog. I forgot.

I can only hope that anyone who's moved house might have some sympathy. At present, all the rooms are full of boxes, just as they were on the day we moved. But in addition to boxes, we have added, over the past couple of months;-

Piles of partially stripped wallpaper

Weird heaps of spice jars. Why are there so many?

Nests of clothes, which don't really seem to belong to either of us

About 100 white pillow cases. I keep finding more, and I'm scared that they've found a cupboard somewhere, and are busily PROCREATING, in the mistaken belief that this will help.

I already thought my life was quite full, but I was entirely wrong. I spent today painting a wall orange (I'd already painted it orange, but it was the WRONG orange); washing up all the brushes and rollers, and then realising I'd missed a great big chunk of wall, which is, therefore, STILL the wrong orange. Tomorrow I shall be shooting, and I'm very likely to have bits of orange paint on me when I do so. Hmmm.

So I'm so terribly sorry. I really shall try to do better. There hasn't even been time for any spanking work, though the BDM has manfully found time for plenty of real-life spanking. Well done him :) I'm awfully happy, just horribly, horribly busy.

Sorry everyone! And thanks for reading, I really do appreciate it, I'm just incapable of actually taking responsibility for myself, my life or my blog. I am, however, a very determined wall-painter.

Ariel and Amelia :)


Marco said...

Dear Ariel&Amelia,

thank you for writing again on your beautiful blog. I visited it from time to time, looking forward to your next post and tonight I had this nice surprise, finding it :-)

I would love to know you better and to share ideas and fantasies with you about BDSM, also asking you about some things I have seen you doing such as self-bondage, that I find so lovely. I haven't had much real-life experience about it, because of the big taboo that it is in Italy, but I have "studied" it for several years and I'd be happy to talk about it with a truly experienced person as you are. Would it be possible to exchange some e-mails with you, or to chat together on some instant messenger?

Thank you and congratulations for your amazing career!


Sweetsong said...

Hi Ariel/Amelia Jane

I've been looking at your work under both identities, and as JB-H, and I think all of it is absolutely stunning! It is rare to see a model producing such beautiful shots in one genre, let alone three!

I have one question, which you may not be prepared to answer, but I'll ask it anyway; I assume Ariel Anderssen is a nom d'aberation, but is AJR or JB-H your real name? Or is it neither?! I'd love to know.

Keep up the good work!

Nils said...

Hi there, nice to have you back in the world of the living. :)

lancisto said...

Yo! AJR is back.

Glad to hear you're doing well. Having just moved across the Atlantic, I sympathise. I think you're fortunate, though, that it's only pillowcases which are breeding. I am sure that the dark recesses of our garage now play host to a nesting colony of large boxes.

Anonymous said...

Really great to see you back, missed you a lot. Glad moving in together is proving to be good fun. Am loving your 'what the dickens' clips on firmhand. Always wanted to seea good costume drama.


"At present, all the rooms are full of boxes, just as they were on the day we moved"

Last time I moved house was over 5 years ago and there are still three sealed up boxes in the cellar.

Love that photo by the way.


Madmusician said...

Well I wonder if the lovely AJR shouldn't be baring and bending as a consequence of leaving her loyal audience in the lurch? Do we think that a week between blog entries is reasonable? So how about one stroke of something hard for every day between the 8th December and her most recent entry - about 85 strokes?
What do others think?

MrNiseguy1960 said...

Nice comments be damned! Your lack of attention to this blog is lamentable. Report to the headmasters study at 4:00pm - I think we'll start with a uniform inspection, and wo betide you if you're not wearing regulation knickers!!!

Ah my dreams....

Dave said...

I'm so distracted by the exquisite photograph in this blog post...that I'm speechless, wordless? at the mo :-)


lisa said...

Hello there,

I like the victorian video you have done. Who is the guy in it? I like the look of him and would love to meet him.

Irelynn said...

Well, there's no need for me to read your apologies because I only just started to read your blog myself. I'm afraid Paul & Lucy are to blame. They showed me the film in which you spoke with the best fake Russian accent I've ever heard - even better than my Russian lecturer's accent! ;-) And ever since, I sort of decided I needed to find out more. So here I am. :)

I've had a read through all your posts and it looks lovely! Oh, and I'm planning on moving in a few months myself, so I couldn't be more sympathetic. ;-)

Good luck with everything and I'll be back for more!

jeeprat said...

I would cane you any way

lancisto said...

How goes the wall painting, Amuralia?


Jake and Nomi's Spanking Delights said...

Your too busy to blog reguarly! I have seen some of your work online and I bet there is a ton of stuff still to come. Thanks for what you do write, its very interesting to read and Nomi and myself love your work.
Take care

Spanking OTK said...

Hello, you have a very nice blog here!!!

If you like we could exchange links betwen our blogs.

Let me know!

Best regards

Mark said...


Well at least due to RSS, I haven't had to keep coming to your blog page to see that you hadn't posted....

And orange on your skin?! You know your skin is supposed to be post-spanking pink or red, not Orange!

Good luck with the painting!


Kami Robertson said...

:) I had orange walls as colour ;)

Leia-Ann Woods said...

hello lovely...just found this (yes I am as good as you with all this time thing issue, as in having none to spare!!), will add your blog to my, well roll!! see you next month for shoot with Sam

Winchester said...

I had given up visiting, wondering whether you were now so busy and fulfilled that you'd have no time for us lesser mortals. Glad you are back, however, and by chance I came your way today.

But as for orange walls - oh dear!

Sound Punishment said...

Tut tut young lady, fancy forgetting your blog!

It is a good job some of us are watchful .... and so can tell you that your latest photo-story is now on with a film to follow next week.

Rainer said...

I love your blog

Cal said...

just had to say hi.
I'm a new fan, just being introduced to your work on chmerabondage. And I have to say that I'm blown away.

That you are lovely is obvious. But your work is amazing in terms of content, flexibility and creativity. Consider me a fan and more on many levels. (Oh, and I *love* your voice !)

Like you, I have different interests for different times. And I love your creativity and playfulness about it.

you are by far the most amazing bondage model I have seen. While I'm not an expert in the art... I've seen quite a few. :D

I'll be watching and following your blog and career now and will eagerly look for you where ever you make your work public.

My only regret is that I've never dated anyone like you, but then, I'm not sure there's anyone else quite like you :D
(meant in the most kind way, of course LOL )

Please come visit me :D but ... at least keep working! You rock.