Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Forgot I'd got a Blog!

Oh lordy. I'm so sorry to anyone who's been visiting my sad, unkempt blog. I forgot.

I can only hope that anyone who's moved house might have some sympathy. At present, all the rooms are full of boxes, just as they were on the day we moved. But in addition to boxes, we have added, over the past couple of months;-

Piles of partially stripped wallpaper

Weird heaps of spice jars. Why are there so many?

Nests of clothes, which don't really seem to belong to either of us

About 100 white pillow cases. I keep finding more, and I'm scared that they've found a cupboard somewhere, and are busily PROCREATING, in the mistaken belief that this will help.

I already thought my life was quite full, but I was entirely wrong. I spent today painting a wall orange (I'd already painted it orange, but it was the WRONG orange); washing up all the brushes and rollers, and then realising I'd missed a great big chunk of wall, which is, therefore, STILL the wrong orange. Tomorrow I shall be shooting, and I'm very likely to have bits of orange paint on me when I do so. Hmmm.

So I'm so terribly sorry. I really shall try to do better. There hasn't even been time for any spanking work, though the BDM has manfully found time for plenty of real-life spanking. Well done him :) I'm awfully happy, just horribly, horribly busy.

Sorry everyone! And thanks for reading, I really do appreciate it, I'm just incapable of actually taking responsibility for myself, my life or my blog. I am, however, a very determined wall-painter.

Ariel and Amelia :)