Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Panic! PANIC!

Hello! I'm briefly posting, even though I'm not home yet, and this is a bit of a tricky operation (because I've never really got it together enough to travel with a laptop or similar). I am in Los Angeles, and am about to go to bed.

And tomorrow, I am shooting with Dallas of

And OH, LORDY, I am scared! I really like Dallas, and his lovely partner, Sabrina; but after 6 weeks of touring, and looking forward to the kinky end of my trip (shoots with American Damsels, Bedroom Bondage, Good Spanking and Dallas on my last three days), I have now become terrified.

The reason for this is that today, my shoot with the beautiful, and really not-at-all-excessively-severe Chelsea Pfeiffer ( reminded me that spanking really, definitely does hurt. I've had 6 weeks of happily fantasising about all the nice feelings associated with the BDSM that I'm missing while I'm away, and now I've suddenly remembered, with less than 24 hours to go, that I'm actually very scared of Dallas and his implements. Duh!

I suppose I can see that I might just about survive the experience (MAYBE, if I'm very lucky) but I doubt that I'll manage it in the super-brave, SAS-style manner that I like to imagine myself adopting. So when I'm home (IF I'm alive after all the wooden paddles and giant leather straps) I shall post some pictures so that you can assess whether I was brave. Or not.

And if I don't survive it, then thank you Chelsea for at least preparing me. And for shooting a lovely video with me (which I shall also publicise properly when I'm home)


Thanks for reading.

A/a xx

Sunday, 11 October 2009

In her Absence

Hello everyone. This is the BDM speaking. Ariel/Amelia is not here at the moment- she's on a world tour, currently working her way around Australia before moving on to New Zealand. She begged and pleaded for me to post on her blog while she was away.

This is a bit of a tall order as I am neither as witty, as amusing, as blonde nor indeed as tall as she.

And the promised "I'll email you photos of me from all around the world" have, needless to say, not been submitted. So you won't be seeing any photos of her on tour just yet and I'll have to make do with some of the many shots we've taken for our website at Restrained Elegance this year.

She also assured me in her most unreasonably wheedling and confident tone just before she left that I could write all about how lovely she was and living with her was like living with the Queen of Love of the World and that she was lovely! LOVELY! LOVEEEELY!!!

I suspect this was a ploy to undermine my dom-ly authority and make me look like a soppy gushing fool in public :-) So I will not be falling for that.

I will say this: living with an inventive, imaginative, occasionally infuriating, gorgeous six-foot blue eyed blonde supermodel with fabulous legs that go on forever (with gorgeous bare feet- forgive me for mentioning, but I do have quite the foot fetish) who is a naturist by inclination, and a submissive masochist by deepest nature with an insatiable appetite for being spanked, caned, dominated and tied up... there's never a dull moment!

Except when she goes away on a six week world tour, of course, at which point there are quite a few dull moments in which to really miss her. All very healthy for the relationship I'm sure, and of course I knew these long trips were part of her job. But I'd like Ariel the live-in slave-girl back pretty damn soon! :-0

Although Amelia-Jane could possibly stay away a little longer, until Ariel and I have got nicely re-acquainted. I don't really want to have to spank her in the arrivals hall at Heathrow for throwing a tantrum.

(That sounds super-hot, but there are a few too many real-life-machine-gun toting guards around for my liking. Maybe I'll just make her take her shoes off, walk barefoot to the carpark and do positions training on the concrete floor before getting into the car. The boot of the car, to be taken home in chains. Naturally.)

I'm sure she'll have done just dozens of things she needs to be punished for by now. Not sending photos, for one... at least we did a full day bastinado video shoot for the site just before she left, certainly giving me some very hot memories to get by on until she gets home!

And now I can see that her cunning plan has worked: I do sound like a soppy gushing fool in public. Oh well, roll on the end of the trip and she can tell you all about it herself!



Monday, 14 September 2009

Surprised into Domming!

Hello to all you kind people who read my blog. While I was walking around Tesco today I was wondering about how BDSM is seen outside of our lovely kinky internet world. The reason I was thinking this is because a very polite man had tried to ask me out while I was in the (extraordinarily cheap) ladies' shoes aisle. I told him I had a boyfriend and off he went (still politely).

I wondered what would have happened if I'd announced that I had a MASTER instead of a boyfriend. First of all I imagined it would sound rather impressive; then with a rather sad, back-to-earth bump, it occurred to me that most people would think it was just a bit weird and possibly dysfunctional. All of which made me appreciate the kinky blog-network even more than usual. So thank you all for being part of it by reading spanking models' blogs.

Hmmm, this is not what I was actually planning to talk about. I actually wanted to talk about an audition I had on Saturday.

I was terribly excited to be contacted about playing the role of a super-villain in a movie. I think I got offered an audition because they need someone who's over 6ft with fight training, and while there are lots of men who'd fit that bill, they need a girl. Hooray! I thought. And off I trotted to Knightsbridge, wearing my highest heels and a mini-skirt. This was in order to fit the sketch they'd sent me - this is certainly not how I'd choose to dress normally. I think I scared a lady coming out of Starbucks....

And somehow, it hadn't occurred to me that they'd want an exhibition of some aggression. The script required me to strangle a poor chap to death (not for real, please don't worry - I don't think it was that kind of movie...) This is something I suppose I was once quite comfortable with a few years ago when I used to do mainstream acting work and fight choreography. But having been happily concentrating on being sub for the last couple of years - eurgh! It felt awful.

Added to the horror was the fact that my 'victim' was one of the production staff. The weird power dynamic involved in 'strangling' someone you're hoping will be your future employer is altogether uncomfortable, and probably best avoided. I'm still shuddering now..... But hooray, I managed to get through it without confessing that I'd rather switch roles, please.

All of which reminds me that I meant to post the YouTube link to one of my videos from my friends at Here it is - I hope you enjoy watching me having a go at being a little bit dom - it's always more comfortable if I only have to be nasty to the camera....

I'm off on a world tour from next week onwards, so I'll try to post, but it might be a bit tricky. I'm back in November; have a great Autumn everybody, and thanks as always for reading :)


Monday, 17 August 2009

Not All That in to Spanking?!

A comment (by L, on my 'Lots of Beating' post a few weeks ago) made me think. It also made me slightly worried. He comments that I seem happier as Ariel than as Amelia, and seem to enjoy being tied up more than being spanked. 'Nooo!' I thought, and thought I should back my happiness up with pictures. Here are examples of me appearing to enjoy and not enjoy various scenarios:-

Sad About Spanking ( from

Happy About Bondage (courtesy of

Sad About Bondage (courtesy of

Happy About Spanking.
Oh. I don't have any. Thank you, L, for making a valid point :)

Hmmm, well, I can see why you might not think I like it from the expressions I like to do and I've been thinking about why.
I remember that when I started bondage modelling, I was only really comfortable with being the resitant, damsel-in-distress type, because I didn't want everyone to be able to see I was enjoying myself. I got gradually more comfortable with the fact that, hello, people might be able to guess that I was having a good time and I relaxed my rules, but when I decided to be Amelia Jane Rutherford too, I wanted to have the chance to be all haughty and resistant. I don't think it's because of my discomfort with being kinky any more, I think it's simply that I have so much fun being vile. But I promise, I definitely enjoy being spanked. Oh yes. I just like it best when I'm pretending to hate it.
Thank you everyone, for your comments - I'll try to comment on more of them :)

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Being Ever So Brave

This month, a new aspect of my kink seems to be emerging. And very interesting it is (for me. It may not be very interesting for you, in which case I apologise unreservedly. My blog is awfully egocentric, I'm afraid). Now that I've started to write about it, I realise it's not actually entirely new, it's just that I'm concentrating on it more than normal, and all my fantasies are rather focused on it right now.

This month I am Being Brave.

It suddenly struck me that I do tend to behave in an utterly undignified way. Now, this is a great deal of fun, but I've started to feel very impressed with and envious of people who are a bit braver and more stoic than me (there are many of these people, alas). So lots of my fantasies involve being a highly trained military-something (hmm, haven't really researched this very thoroughly yet) and being magically tough enough to cope with all sorts of cruelty. I want to try to psych out whoever's punishing me by not responding; and while this is probably going to be impossible, it's awfully satisfying and exciting to try.

So here is a picture of me being Ever So Brave, confronted by a wicked doctor who has locked me up in his asylum. He's probably going to do terrible things to me, and of course I'm frightened, but I'm not going to tell him who I'm spying for (I want to be a spy as well as a military-something - sorry I forgot to mention that before) because I'm VERY tough.

Sadly, this week in my real life I have not been Ever So Brave. On Tuesday I had a super spanking shoot (with my friend P, who writes beautiful scripts) and I tried to be terribly self-possessed in our 'arrested abroad after being framed for drug-smuggling' storyline, but the false accusations made me cry (duh, not brave) and I don't think I took the 62 cane strokes in a very highly-trained way, to be perfectly honest.

But it's not about the winning, it's about the taking part. OBviously. I shall keep trying. Who Dares Wins, and all that. Oh, I want to be Andy McNab....

Friday, 10 July 2009

Lots of Beating

Amelia-Jane has been on a little sabbatical because no one has booked me for spanking work over the last few weeks. I've been frightfully busy with lots of other stuff. Here is a list (I love lists)

Interesting Stuff

Shooting for who produce fabulous, tasteful nude pictures for ladies who're looking for stylish erotic portraits for themselves or their partner. I was helping to shoot their new brochure and it was lovely fun. I do recommend them if you're looking for nice pictures of yourself. They've spent years perfecting the art of using lighting to hide all the flaws and illuminating all the most beautiful bits of anyone's body. And they're photoshop magicians too.

Travelling round Ireland on my own, working with photographers as I went. One of them was my friend who runs This is always a great treat, I wore luxurious pantyhose and got tied up in very beautiful rope designs.

Working for (which now has a beautiful new free tour) at a small castle in rural Wiltshire. We were planning to shoot video but we ended up too near a main road for sound to be any good so we did lots of pictures instead (which I'll post next time I blog). If we'd done video, I expect there would have been plenty of spanking, but as it was I got tied up an AWFUL lot, but not spanked much...

Now that I've written my list of interesting things, I've rather lost the desire to write a list of boring things I've done. But self-discipline really must prevail. Here it is.

Huh, I just deleted it. It was too boring. Wheeee!

Now, perhaps you were thinking that because there haven't been any spanking shoots that I might have been enjoying a little break. Well, I kind of was until today. The BDM, who's been rather busy himself and therefore slightly less observant than normal suddenly became very strict this morning. I lost the car in the Sainsbury's carpark and he (rather irrationally, I do feel) said that if I couldn't locate it without help then I'd have to be punished when we got home. Well really. Obviously I couldn't find it, because I'm far too important to notice silly little things like that. And his car is an extremly boring colour (unlike my car, who's name is Precious Garland, and she never gets lost, oh no). So then HE found it, took me home and made very efficient use of a big leather strap and my bottom. I think it reminded him that unkindness is very fun, because now he's said that unless I post on my blog, I'll have to take 40 strokes (with the same strap) this evening.

Hmmmm. Well, I have posted. So maybe that's ok. Except that I also did something else very, very wrong today, for which the normal punishment is bastinado. Ouch. So there is suddenly lots of beating in my life.

Hello everyone!


Sunday, 24 May 2009

Spring Time!

Well, good lord. I'm back from a trip to Morocco, and, as always, am appalled at myself, and both flattered and rather amazed by the gracious people who post comments on my blog. Thank you! I've became phobic of visiting my own blog because it shames me so much, seeing the evidence of my own laziness, and the kind supportive comments everyone else seems to manage to find time to write.

I've also been reading a super book called Blood, Sweat and Tea by Tom Reynolds, a UK ambulance-driving-hero-man (oh, bloody hell, I suppose I should link to it and I seem to have broken the thing that does that) Oh good heavens, it actually worked. It's based on his blog (ha, shall link to it now!) and not only am I impressed by his lovely writing and kindness, but I'm shocked and amazed that he managed to write a blog that was LONG enough to turn into a book. This makes me EVEN MORE ASHAMED.

So I'm trying again. It's springtime, I've been shooting with the BDM (Boyfriend/Dom/Master for those of you who are new to my blog, or just can't face trawling back over past entries) outside, in the bluebells. In purple handcuffs. I have many things to say, having been absent for so long, but I'm trying to control myself, and organise my blog into shorter, more frequent posts. Like a proper blogger. In the meantime, I shall say that I very much liked being photographed in handcuffs that matched the surroundings. Thank you BDM.

And Leia Ann Woods SPECIFICALLY told me that it's ok to post one-sentence blog-posts. Like;-

'Mmmm, red shoes.' presumably. Which is the kind of thing she says. You may think this would be a bit unsatisfactory, but she assures me that it's ok. Thank you Leia!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Vanilla Flavoured

Hello everyone (apologies as always for being so awful; but how nice to have comments from all the kind spanking models who are clearly a) more organised and b) more polite than me and comment like proper grownups on other peoples' blogs. Thank you everyone for your comments - I think I'll start writing posts that actually start answering peoples' questions. Maybe one a week? 'Blogging Wednesdays' maybe :)
Anyway, it's recently come to my attention that normal people sometimes read my blog. I had a normal(ish) shoot on Saturday, and at the end, the photographer said 'Good luck with your orange walls!' Hmm, I thought he was a scary psychic, but it turned out he'd just researched me rather thoroughly and FOUND my blog, even though he wasn't shooting me as either Amelia or Ariel. Wow! After feeling a little bit exposed (and awfully impressed with him) I realised that actually there are a few people I know of who aren't really into bondage or spanking, but who kindly visit my blog anyway. I do wonder if you think I'm mental, but it's very nice to have you.
So, in honour of any vanilla readers, here are some vanilla facts about me :)
1) I don't like ice cream, especially not vanilla.
2) Mmm, I REALLY like sword fighting. I used to do it, and loved it very much (mainly because it was a little bit like BDSM though - I always made sure I lost)
3) I trained in classical theatre, and used to tour the UK doing Shakespeare plays before I discovered modelling.
4) Oh good lord, I'm scared of spiders, being underwater, monsters hiding in cupboards and blood tests.
5) Urgh, I can't bear to look at shellfish. Brrrrrrr!
6) Well, this is a bit boring. I'll stop now.
Urgh, boring myself. I shall go back to discussing spanking and bondage. At the moment I'm thinking about spanking machines, ball gags and obedience training. Hooray!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Forgot I'd got a Blog!

Oh lordy. I'm so sorry to anyone who's been visiting my sad, unkempt blog. I forgot.

I can only hope that anyone who's moved house might have some sympathy. At present, all the rooms are full of boxes, just as they were on the day we moved. But in addition to boxes, we have added, over the past couple of months;-

Piles of partially stripped wallpaper

Weird heaps of spice jars. Why are there so many?

Nests of clothes, which don't really seem to belong to either of us

About 100 white pillow cases. I keep finding more, and I'm scared that they've found a cupboard somewhere, and are busily PROCREATING, in the mistaken belief that this will help.

I already thought my life was quite full, but I was entirely wrong. I spent today painting a wall orange (I'd already painted it orange, but it was the WRONG orange); washing up all the brushes and rollers, and then realising I'd missed a great big chunk of wall, which is, therefore, STILL the wrong orange. Tomorrow I shall be shooting, and I'm very likely to have bits of orange paint on me when I do so. Hmmm.

So I'm so terribly sorry. I really shall try to do better. There hasn't even been time for any spanking work, though the BDM has manfully found time for plenty of real-life spanking. Well done him :) I'm awfully happy, just horribly, horribly busy.

Sorry everyone! And thanks for reading, I really do appreciate it, I'm just incapable of actually taking responsibility for myself, my life or my blog. I am, however, a very determined wall-painter.

Ariel and Amelia :)