Monday, 1 December 2008

Kept Woman

Good heavens! This week is very momentous for me. On Thursday I am moving in with the BDM (to newcomers to my blog, this stands for Boyfriend/Dom/Master because he very cleverly manages to take on all three roles). I'm very happy. I do try to be careful about posting personal information on my blog in case it's being read by arch-enemies or, you know, stalkers, but I'm just going to splurge all sorts of personal details now, because I have run out of self-discipline...

I've been living on my own in my flat in London for the last 2 years. And it's been very, very ordered and tidy. But rather lonely. There isn't really much space for the BDM here, but he's spent lots of time here, and I think that my neighbours might be a bit sick of us. I do try not to be noisy, but BDSM just IS noisy, so I think it'll be good to be in a house instead.

Our new house will have a DUNGEON, so that the BDM can use it as a studio. This is actually factually incorrect. The new house will have a STUDIO, which can be used as a dungeon when he's not working. But in my head, it shall not be a studio. Oh no. Flash heads are not sexy. Is a flash head even a real thing? Good lord, maybe I'll learn more about photography once I'm living in an actual photographer's house.

Anyway, it's not his house. We're buying it together. It's 2/3rds this house and 1/3 mine. And my 3rd shall be very very clean :)

And these are some things that I'm looking forward to. Sorry, they are not all kinky. But the picture I posted at the top of the post is, so if this is boring, just look at that for a while instead, and IMAGINE what the post might have been about....

1) Eating dinner with my boyfriend, at a dining table, instead of eating on my own, at my desk while trying to reply to emails.
2) Sharing a bed. Or a room at least, I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to sleep in an actual bed.... I wonder if I can have a sort of giant pet-basket?
3) Not having to schedule time together as though it's a military campaign. I'll just magically see him, every day (sort of - I'll still have to work away a lot)
4) Being able to have people to stay - I haven't got space at my flat to have more than one person at a time (or a very friendly couple) and I'm so looking forward to that!
5) Being a terrible, apologetic, submissive landlady. I hope my future tenant isn't reading this, because I can already tell I'm going to be a pushover. I've just bought her a new oven, entirely by accident and against my will.

Now I'm going to stop writing before I publish my address, bank details and mother's maiden name. Sorry for gushing, but I really am very excited!