Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bars and Stripes. And a Cold.

Well, well, well. What a strange shoot this looks like. And indeed, it was. See if you can work out the story from the above stills.... I'm not sure I can help you, to be quite honest, even though I was there. It's all a bit of a blur.... is an absolutely super CP website/virtual world. I was tremendously excited to discover it existed, and went and worked for them for the first time about 18 months ago. Last week, I went back for a second go. One of the lovely things about B&S is that it's basically a soap opera - there are characters who always appear, and once you've been admitted, you get to keep shooting for them until you've done your time. Yay!

I get to play a particularly unpleasant incarnation of Amelia-Jane here. She's a corrupt lawyer who's finally been found out after years of dodgy dealing. She's awfully clever, and terribly patronising to the long-suffering members of staff (particularly Officer Stephen Lewis, who she looks upon as her inferior). Fortunately for them, this prison allows the use of corporal punishent, so every infraction is swiftly dealt with.

So off I wandered, to a chilly studio in North London, to deliver myself into the hands of Governor Michael Stamp for 2 days. You can fit an awful lot of spanking into 48 hours. An AWFUL lot. And lovely though the team undoubtably are, they are not gentle (how could you be, really, in a prison?). As is traditional at spanking shoots, we started with the lighter scenes and progressed to tougher stuff later on. But even the first hand spanking seemed to hurt in a shocking and un-natural way. OUCH! As the day progressed, I didn't get any braver. The scenes were wonderful fun, but everything was so painful! Even the strap-of-joy (named because it LOOKS scary, SOUNDS scary, but is really surprisingly kind and gentle) seemed pretty severe... We ended the first day with a flogging and 12 stroke caning. And I cried. A GREAT DEAL. Which is fine, except that I was meant to be playing a tough, haughty criminal. I went back to the (super, purple) hotel with a sore throat from screaming so much, feeling rather baffled by myself. Was I losing my kink? I wondered...

The next day Matron arrived. I love her very much, and was a fan a long time before I met her. I'd been so much looking forward to working with her, and suddenly there I was, in the hospital wing! After a charming introductory scene ('take off your dress!' 'No, I jolly well won't, you nasty common woman...') she pulled me over the examination table and began the CP action.

And I cried again. Which Amelia-Jane would certainly not do in front of Matron. I was ruining my character's integrity! This made me very sad. So I cried some more, and asked to cut. I recovered myself and we carried on, but I was beginning to feel like I'd stepped into someone else's body. WHY did it hurt so much?

I went home, still baffled, and sad that I might have scared all the lovely people I'd been working with. Then I sneezed. And started to cough. And crawled into bed for two days.

Spanking modelling. Not an easy job when you're going down with a virus.

Fortunately I'm better now, and it no longer hurts to be spanked. The BDM has been experimenting, and he says I'm completely cured :)

Thank you, Bars and Stripes, for having me back! You are tremendous! I hope I didn't give the whole prison my bug.



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had to shoot while you were sick -- and even sorrier you didn't realize what was wrong until you'd become confused by your own behavior. I'm glad you're better now.

If you did give the whole prison your virus, you should, of course, be spanked.

That's such a lovely piece of spanking furniture in the 4th photo down! Elegant and handsome, yet functional and quite severe and embarrassing. Thank you for showing it. (And you look especially lovely ON it. Not at all like someone coming down with a bug!)


Winchester said...

Oh dear Amelia - how awful you must have felt, breaking down in quite a way your character never would. and after all your self-possessed poise in so many other severe scenes on different sites. No wonder you wondered about whether you were losing your kink: I am so gald you weren't, and that it was nothing worse than a viral infection.

I can't behin to work out the story line - it looks ti be specially ingenious even by the standards of the lovely NS/B and S team of Lucy and Stephen....

THank you for sharing. One day I will have to visit Bars and Stripes properly, rather than jsutr lurk around them!

Matron said...

I am on the other side of the world. With a terrible cough and viral cold thing. I wonder where that came from? I will see you in sick bay on my return...

The Guv said...

Hmmm...a virus eh, 4229....?
Maybe it was the Prison food...? I'll have a word with the cook, Crippen.
Ironic that Matron should go down with it, her being the one who cares so much for the welfare of the inmates. I often wonder if she isn't too compassionate...
The only other casualty was my pet frog, Kevin, which was rather baffling. I had him stuffed last year after an untimely demise. Took a shine to my electric pencil sharpener and tried to mount it.
Anyway Rutherford, I look forward to another encounter. Unless of course, we manage to rid you of that haughty manner.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back at bars and stripes and i also love the 4th photo down my favourite of the bunch. Restrained, vulnerable, exposed and yet still retaining that natural authority, such an irresistible temptation for any 'top'.
akaeep up the good work and glad you are fully fit again, ps what were you doing looking up matron's dress????

4222 said...

Poor Amelia Jane! I know how icky it is to shoot when you're not completely well. But the Show Must Go On. Well done, you.

Pity I didn't have you as my lawyer when I got done for arson. You'd have made that insanity defence stick!

Kami Robertson said...

You see, it's their new way to punish their prisoners ;)
I went there, the next, day ill myself, and got back home in even worse state. But surprisingly I was quite ok during the shoot itself. Sorry to hear you weren't entirely yourself!

It is true that when you are not well it hurts much more, and somehow in different way...


Ludwig said...

Dear Amelia-Jane,

I hope the cold is getting better. If you are still tied to your bed (figuratively, not literally this time), here is something to spend the time: I'm tagging you with an internet meme, a virus of an altogether different, cultural kind! The rules are:

- link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog
- share seven facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird
- tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog
- let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

Have fun! In case anyone wants to read my own answers to the meme, they are here:

Take care,


Ariel said...

Whee, thank you everyone for being kind :) I'm better now, of course; and very glad to know it's not just me who struggles with spanking while ill. Thank you Kami, thank you 4222 :)

And I liked the strange cross-shaped punishment bench, too :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Amelia! I like this cross very much too, you're wonderfully beautiful on it and it's so impressive! Santaclaus could leave one under the Christmas tree, couldn't he? (just a suggestion, but seems your BDM has a glance at your blog from time to time).
Take care!


Anonymous said...

Would somebody please explain why the prisoner is examining the matron's knickers? That picture would make a great caption contest. "Oh, so that's what regulation knickers look like."


Anonymous said...

I like the fifth photo down. 'Uniform spankings', have always been a turn on for me. I enjoyed you receiving the spanking from the gentlemen in uniform. Also when you are in uniform, such as a stewardess, or Wren, or other military outfit, and your bare bottom is so voluptously displayed it is most mouthwatering to say the least.

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