Monday, 17 November 2008

Am Ghastly. And Tiny.

Happy days! have just finished editing 'Ghastly Amelia-Jane', which is, to date, one of my very favourite shoots ever-in-the-world. Lucy kindly asked me what I'd like to shoot and I, with a general lack of professionalism, just reeled off what I was fantasising most about at the time. Which was;-

a) Being woken up especially in order to be punished. This is actually one of the few fantasies I have which I don't actually want fulfilled (PLEASE, BDM). I hate waking up, and am groggy and sad if made to do so. But the idea of being punished while that defenseless is hot. And I've always fondly imagined that I'd be super at withstanding interrogation with sleep deprevation thrown in. In my fantasies, I'm always very brave :)

b) Being punished by a private tutor. I like the combination of spanking and spelling tests very much (what a freak - I never revised for them when I was actually at school, and hated them very much - though not as much as times-tables. But now I LOVE them). I like trying to get the answers right. Watch the video and see if you can guess whether I'm being deliberately stupid, or whether, perhaps, I don't know very much about structural engineering....

The film is going up on Northern Spanking in several parts, starting this week. So go along and have a look. When I watched the final edit, I laughed a lot; it's proper spanking - and I loved Paul's efforts to be reasonable and patient - he puts in a a super perfomance.

Thank you, Lucy, for letting me shoot my fantasy! And thank you also for photographing me so that I'd look small. I really do, and it makes me so happy!


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bars and Stripes. And a Cold.

Well, well, well. What a strange shoot this looks like. And indeed, it was. See if you can work out the story from the above stills.... I'm not sure I can help you, to be quite honest, even though I was there. It's all a bit of a blur.... is an absolutely super CP website/virtual world. I was tremendously excited to discover it existed, and went and worked for them for the first time about 18 months ago. Last week, I went back for a second go. One of the lovely things about B&S is that it's basically a soap opera - there are characters who always appear, and once you've been admitted, you get to keep shooting for them until you've done your time. Yay!

I get to play a particularly unpleasant incarnation of Amelia-Jane here. She's a corrupt lawyer who's finally been found out after years of dodgy dealing. She's awfully clever, and terribly patronising to the long-suffering members of staff (particularly Officer Stephen Lewis, who she looks upon as her inferior). Fortunately for them, this prison allows the use of corporal punishent, so every infraction is swiftly dealt with.

So off I wandered, to a chilly studio in North London, to deliver myself into the hands of Governor Michael Stamp for 2 days. You can fit an awful lot of spanking into 48 hours. An AWFUL lot. And lovely though the team undoubtably are, they are not gentle (how could you be, really, in a prison?). As is traditional at spanking shoots, we started with the lighter scenes and progressed to tougher stuff later on. But even the first hand spanking seemed to hurt in a shocking and un-natural way. OUCH! As the day progressed, I didn't get any braver. The scenes were wonderful fun, but everything was so painful! Even the strap-of-joy (named because it LOOKS scary, SOUNDS scary, but is really surprisingly kind and gentle) seemed pretty severe... We ended the first day with a flogging and 12 stroke caning. And I cried. A GREAT DEAL. Which is fine, except that I was meant to be playing a tough, haughty criminal. I went back to the (super, purple) hotel with a sore throat from screaming so much, feeling rather baffled by myself. Was I losing my kink? I wondered...

The next day Matron arrived. I love her very much, and was a fan a long time before I met her. I'd been so much looking forward to working with her, and suddenly there I was, in the hospital wing! After a charming introductory scene ('take off your dress!' 'No, I jolly well won't, you nasty common woman...') she pulled me over the examination table and began the CP action.

And I cried again. Which Amelia-Jane would certainly not do in front of Matron. I was ruining my character's integrity! This made me very sad. So I cried some more, and asked to cut. I recovered myself and we carried on, but I was beginning to feel like I'd stepped into someone else's body. WHY did it hurt so much?

I went home, still baffled, and sad that I might have scared all the lovely people I'd been working with. Then I sneezed. And started to cough. And crawled into bed for two days.

Spanking modelling. Not an easy job when you're going down with a virus.

Fortunately I'm better now, and it no longer hurts to be spanked. The BDM has been experimenting, and he says I'm completely cured :)

Thank you, Bars and Stripes, for having me back! You are tremendous! I hope I didn't give the whole prison my bug.