Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Not Clever Enough for a Blog

Ha! I'm so sorry everyone; I couldn't remember my password and so couldn't log in and post! Suddenly remembered it, hooray! I am TERRIBLE at organising this kind of thing. If I manage to employ a bodyguard he'll have to be in charge of passwords too....

And I'm home, back in England, and very much in love with the way it looks, with lovely golden leaves falling, and enough chill in the air for me to wear all my new knitted clothes. I bought them in Los Angeles last month, and they barely fitted into my suitcase on the return flight...

I do apologise for not posting before; from now on things should be better because I've got a hideous, scary Blackberry thing which I think I can post from while I'm travelling. Thank you very much indeed to everyone who likes my work and has been visiting my blog even though I'm ABSENT! Thank you, it makes me feel happy and guilty all at once.

I've felt so guilty that I haven't even been able to look at all the other spanking blogs, because it just REMINDS me that I'm hopeless at posting... So I think I've really been punished enough, don't you?

I've been having a marvellous and interesting time at work. I try to go to LA once a year, because it's got such a high concentration of bondage and spanking producers, as well as the sort of climate that makes doing outdoor location shoots (with non-fetish photographers cos I'm less likely to be arrested that way) both rewarding and comfortable. So my September included the following interesting things (leaving out the non-kink stuff because I can't link to it without COMPROMISING MY IMPORTANT OTHER CAREER IN POLITICS/THE SAS/THE BBC/THE FBI and all that);-

-Shooting for http://www.shadowlane.com/ TWICE! Yay! Shadowlane produces proper, feature-length movies with glamorous settings and lots of beautiful people. Wow! On the first day I got spanked by Arthur Sire, who is very attractive indeed, well done him. And Keith Jones punished me on day two. Hoorah, he's lovely. Ladies, if you get a chance, do let him spank you, it's like being punished by Rhett Butler;- charming but awfully firm. Mmm, Rhett Butler. I love him. Thank you Shadowlane!

-Getting over my 'Being Spanked by a Woman Feels Wrong' feelings, by working with Clare Fonda of http://www.girlspanksgirl.com/ and Chelsea Pfieffer of http://www.goodspanking.com/ . Well, how interesting! I'm very heterosexual, and never really fantasised about being punished by a woman; furthermore I was a bit scared that it'd hurt my pride too much. Being the victim of a big, strong man is one thing, but submitting to a lady (who will ALWAYS be smaller than me, ALWAYS) feels more threatening. I was tempted to try not to react much. And failed. Ouch, it was tough, But lovely fun, and I hope that one day I might be able to top like that. For now, I shall be content with having silly girl-crushes on any woman who CAN top properly. Woo!

-Then off I went to shoot with the lovely Jon Woods and Lorelei of http://www.americandamsels.com/ and http://www.bedroombondage.com/ . And got tied up lots. Whee, they suspended me in their garage! And let me do reverse prayer. Thank you Jon, thank you Lorelei! They were the first US bondage producers I worked with, and have always been super-supportive and kind. I do love this industry most of the time. Oh gush, gush ,gush, shut up and carry on with the story Miss Rutherford.....

Hooray, off to http://www.pavelphoto.com/ to shoot pantyhose. At least, that's what he does with everyone else, but he always ties me up too. I'm not complaining, but isn't it strange? Have a look on his preview page and see what I mean. Whee, thank you, Pavel - I love pantyhose (and bondage....)

And on my very last day, I trundled off to http://www.dallasspankshard.com/. And he really does, which is why he had to be scheduled last. But what lovely fun it was! He does a terrible thing, making you turn over an egg timer when he starts spanking, and then NOT STOPPING until all the sand has run through. And after that he got out a terrifying wooden paddle with holes bored through it.... Bloody hell, I do hate paddles. I kept falling over after every stroke to give myself some recovery time, but he wasn't having any of it and held me up while paddling me. Which, I think, is deserving of some praise - I'm sure it's a VERY tricky thing to do. Sabrina, his super girlfriend, took stills, and we had a lovely long talk about spanking. I love her! She'd organised the best costume ever for the shoot - I've always wanted to be a cheerleader. And she gave me the lovely white boots to take home, which I crammed into my suitcase with all the knitwear... Then I went back to my hotel, ate my very last meal from Del Taco (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) and flew home. 10 hours on a flight after a Dallas shoot is not to be recommended, but it was marvellous to be home.

The BDM met me at Heathrow, and we took a week off work to remember how to have a relationship and to have walks in the park with all the lovely autumn leaves. And I remembered what BDSM is like when it's not work. Different. And perfect.

Welcome back to my blog everyone. I'll really try harder this time!



Dave said...

Hi Amelia Jane,

Wow you've been busy!

Don't worry about not updating your blog as often as you'd like--readers will always be here for you.

Anyhoo, wonderful post, and I do love your sense of humor, excellent writing, and good fun you have with all of this. Very cool about the Blackberry!

As always, your spanking photos and vids are among the very best.

Spank on,

OliviaManners said...

Welcome home ;-)


Funbun said...

That was a nice story about your whereabouts.
The words that struck me were at the end where you state that you could feel the difference between being 'professionally' spanked or by your lover.
Spanking should - from my point of view - ALWAYS be An Act of Love.
Thank you for this overview and I watched you already over Chelsea Pfeiffer's knee.. Wonderful..!!

XXX, Funbun

Ariel said...

Whee, thank you everyone, it's very nice to be home :)

Ariel x

idlethoughts said...

Welcome back and thanks for the lovely long blog with lots of things to follow up on, BUT i'm not so sure you can be let off so lightly, i think some form of public discipline is required to ensure you don't forget your loyal followers again!!!
That aside i do agree about this time of year which is one of my favourites perhaps an outdoor punishment with restraint? Recorded with some of your beautiful photos?
Only a wistful thought.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Hey Amelia it's nice to have you back!

I watched the first video you did with dallas, it looks like he spanks really hard, and you did a great job! You are very lucky to have a chance to get spanked by him lol.

Hope you enjoy home! I hope I'll have a chance to see the videos you shot with shadowlane I love that companiy, and you are one of the best models!


Spanky said...

Wow, sounds like you've been busy! Can't wait to come back and read some more.


Sounds like you had a full tour of the USA's kink world.

"Being the victim of a big, strong man is one thing, but submitting to a lady (who will ALWAYS be smaller than me, ALWAYS) feels more threatening."

It can be surprising how a physically smaller woman can tower over you psychologically, when she knows what she's doing :-)


The Headmaster said...

My dear, do put something on if you go out in the snow!

Anonymous said...

It was such a pleasure meeting you! The time went by way too fast and since Dallas was such a slave driver ;) - we barely had time to finish our conversation. Your video is wonderful as are your photos. You were definitely made for that uniform.

I hope you will make it back to the US soon so we can 'properly' hang out. (BTW, that is my new favorite word and I love using it. :) )

Take care!


Dallas said...

This was not just a shoot... it was an event! Your grace, beauty and wit still ass-tounds me. I feel more honored though to call you "friend"


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