Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Actual Art

Ah ha. My blog isn't all about spanking, you know. Sometimes it's about other things. Like bondage. NO!!! Sometimes it's about whole other things, like normal photo shoots. And here is evidence of one, just in case you thought I'd completely lost perspective and wasn't doing any actual proper work any more.

Wrong! Part of my trip to America involved a week's journey with my photographer friend, who took the above pictures, and who's website can be found at www.xanaduimages.com

I've been working with him for a couple of years, so we decided to travel round California and Nevada and get some location work done. He's still working on the pictures, but I posted some of his studio pictures as a sort of warm up.

He's a lovely chap, and is very into trying to create images of strong looking women. Alas, I do not like to look strong. I want to look like a poor, sad, orphan. But I do try, because he's so nice.

I'll be working on his stand at the Erotica Exhibition in London this year, so do come along and see us and all our pictures. There'll be pictures of other models too, but I hide them under the table when he's not looking. Urgh, other models. Amelia-Jane hates those....



PallidBust said...

And Xanadu did Kublai Kahn decree!

You are more and above a treasure.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Ariel-Amelia!
Very pleased to read from you a bit more these days.
I really love headshots of you I could see here and there, such as "Drama Queen" by Alex Ingram (maybe the most beautiful among so many beautiful pictures he did with you) and "Cupboard door" which is wonderful too. Why wouldn't you post some headshots of you on your blog, if there aren't copyright-protected? Those you like most?
Is there a link to Xanadu, to see more of his work with you?


idlethoughts said...

Hiya i especially love the b/w photo at the top as a great lover of b/w photography generally i look fwd to having a look at his photos online.
I'm really pleased you take the time out to do these photos.
Also there is no way that you could look other than strong, you have a natural aura of strength which just comes across from your photos and films, so i'm afraid you've got it whether you like or not!
Take care and i may see you at the erotica exhibition.

Adrian Hardhand said...

Hello A/A

Normal photos? I'm *shocked*!

I thought you were a *nice* girl.

Oh well...

Yrs in pervery, Adrian

A.S.S. said...

Don't know that "normal" is the best word for it. Very lovely photos to say the least.

Todd and Suzy

Caroline Grey said...

LOL I always want to look like a poor small sad orphan. But I am 5'9 and nearly 11 stone, and I am the furthest thing from an orphan.

God, you're lovely in those photos!!!

Anonymous said...

The bottom picture is outstanding.


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