Thursday, 28 August 2008

I am the dom. The DOM!

Hello everyone. Ridiculously late post, am very sorry, as always. I've been Mrs Busy, and haven't been in England much. And I'm rubbish.

But I've been experiencing some interesting things at work this month! I've been in Spain with the BDM, shooting for with my friend Sammie B and Elle Tyler. And very fun it jolly well was. I try to direct 50% of the stuff we shoot on location trips because it's too much for one person, really (even when he is a DOM). So I made up a couple of stories, and off we went. Whee! Being a director at the same time as trying to act is not ideal, because it's very uncomfortable to criticise someone else's performance when there's no one there to do the same to you. But it certainly was interesting...

We started off with a harem themed story. Because the dom tends to drive the action somewhat, and the story would obviously be most familiar to me (because I'd, like, WRITTEN it) I reluctantly decided to cast myself as the 'head girl' of the harem, who bullies everyone else. Ouch, this meant I was going to miss out on getting tied up, which was a sacrifice, but it did mean I got the fanciest costume in compensation... Elle and Sammie played run-away harem girls who get re-captured and blackmailed by EVIL ARIEL into being her slaves while the Sultan's away. And did I abuse my power? Oh yes I did.

A few hands-free pedicures, cruel punishments and gratuitous insults later, Sammie and Elle turned the tables on me (the relief! I have no words to describe it!) and tied me up so they could escape again. Whereupon the BDM over-rode my original ending, and decided that Evil Ariel should be whipped. Hello? Why? Does this happen to real proper doms? Errrr, no, it doesn't. I, however, got tied to a St Andrews Cross and flogged. Hmmm, I don't think it did my status as director much good...

After taking a break from any kind of authority while we shot the BDM's Indiana Jones themed story, our third day of shooting found us trying to shoot a Roman Epic. With 4 people. This was my idea again, I'm afraid. I'd been very taken by the film 'Spartacus' when I saw it as a teenager, especially the beginning, with poor Spartacus staked out to die in the sun. So in what I'm going to call 'a sensitive re-creation of the original', Elle got the same treatment. Whereupon she was rescued by two seriously kinky Roman ladies, who, instead of training her as a gladiator or anything boring like that, invited her to join their bondage-orgy...

I did NOT enjoy giving up the best part (from a Damsel in Distress point of view) to Elle. Oh no I did not. But I really was trying to be professional... I got into my stride a bit with domming (I think I'm quite good at being a nasty, bitchy, bullying type, but RUBBISH at being a sensual or genuinely authoritative type....). Hooray for real doms. That's all I can say.

A/a :)


Matthew said...

Hi Amelia!

Glad to see you beginning to discover and enjoy your DOM side - that opens up so many more interesting scenarios.

Perhaps you remember the first time I contacted you when I suggested you would be truly superb in a domestic switch role where you get to exact swift and severe revenge on a (girl or) boyfriend at the end?

May you never need reminding that one of your most endearing attributes is your feisty preparedness to answer back and fight your own corner: there must surely be many of your fans who harbor thoughts of being on the end of a blistering tongue lashing from you.

One scenario I visualise is where you and a friend are both required to report to the headmaster: you manage to reprieve yourself after indignantly and most eloquently arguing your way out of trouble (while simultaneously dropping your friend right in it!)

You leave the office but linger outside just long enough to savour the sound of swats coming through the heavy closed door. Of course - the door suddenly opens and you are not quite quick enough to avoid being discovered ... how quickly and sweetly the tables are turned!


Funbun said...

Hi Amelia,

The more I see of you, the more I long for photo's of you otk getting firmly spanked by hand. And watching the third photo here I wonder... Did you take her inside and put her over your knee for a sound bare bottom spanking..?? Can we see such photo's.
Looking forward to see more of you OTK, that gorgeous bottom of yours UP and SPANKED... :-)

Adele Haze said...

This all sounds like heaps of fun (other than the "being in control" part), but please explain the concept of hands-free pedicure... You let them bite your toenails? *horrified*

idlethoughts said...

Welcome back from your travels and you are not rubbish but v funny and feisty!
Love the photos and the thought of you being in charge, i agree with matthew i suspect there are many out there who would like to be dominated by you, dressed to the nines with that cut glass accent that you can do so well.
Looking fwd to seeing you in more videos soon.
How abt a competition for scenarios which you then select say 2/3 to reenact?
take care

tinaslut said...

Just found your great blog and wanted to pop in and say hello. I really love your avatar, by the way. Where was that picture taken?

tina from Sweden

OliviaManners said...

I am very excited at the idea of you being a Domme :)


Brad D. said...

Your picture is now showing on the member's intro page of Shadow Lane. A previous still also showed.

You look very spankworthy and and I hope you had fun getting it by two special guys who know what they are doing. Any thoughts from it you wish to share?

Anonymous said...

Amelia, you are the joy and the delight of spanking fans everywhere. There is not another spanking model working now (that I'm aware of) who surpasses your beauty, your impishness, and your seemingly limitless delight in receiving spanks on your lovely derriere.

I would love to know how to buy DVDs of your "adventures." I have one of them from Shadow Lane, but there is another one on the Firm Hand site ambiguously called "actress with attitude," that I cannot find for sale anywhere.

Can you give me instructions on how and where to obtain a DVD of this? The brief "preview" video shows you gloriously stretched across your "producer's" lap, getting what for.

Dan Rivera

Dave said...

Oh lovely, I was unaware you had you had that excellent Domme-ish side, and "Evil Ariel" sounds menacingly delicious. :)

Hope you can do some F/f spanking with you Topping. Yum yum.

Keep up the wonderful work, whether being "evil," naughty or anything else in between.


Matthew said...

Hi Amelia!

I notice that you recently accepted a short assignment as a school mistress (schoolmistressfantasy)? I look forward to reading about your experience here. What a pity the school isn't recruiting pupils!

You realise of course that you are skirting very close to dereliction of duty when it comes to this blog ...?


Winchester said...

Day by day by day we lurk - but where, Oh where, are your updates? Has the Dom side persuaded you taht you are above correction? Perhaps a rapid return to Queen Slave is called for!!!! One smack for each day's absence?

We know you have been busy especialy in the USA - but just a little update would be most appreciated by all your fans!

Matthew said...

So, we must ask: is it going to be "Amelia Jane is Naughty Again!" or is it finally "Goodbye, Amelia Jane"?

Perhaps if Amelia could sense the very real level of disappointment building up on this blog over her behaviour towards us all she would do the only decent thing and get herself properly spanked. Then print a truly remorseful face shot to win us back...

And while I'm on that subject, has anybody seen the Shadowlane production "As Tears Go By"? Is this only available from USA?


idlethoughts said...

Amelia Jane
Where have you gone? The only correct course of action is for you to now submit yourself to some form of public punishment and humiliation. Unless that is you have now abandoned your blog and your readers.
Please return and let us know.
Yours in anticipation

Hywel Phillips said...

She's back from the USA, but has now forgotten her username and password for her own blog. I ask you... she ought to be punished! I'll try to sort it out for her tomorrow.


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