Monday, 21 July 2008

I am home (and I LOVE IT)

Thank you very much indeed to everyone who's checked my blog even though I've been a miserable, absentee blogger for weeks and weeks... I am home from the far off lands, and am here for a whole week, which means that I can catch up on blogging, woo!

First of all, to echo the excellent (ohhh, HOW do I just link to her without putting the whole bloody address? Everyone else seems to be able to do it, am I just SCHHOOpid??), if you're feeling in need of some lovely spanking pictures and videos, please go along and join . I love them, they do super work with fabulous girls and tremendous tops, and I've done some of my very favourite spanking work with them. Furthermore, they've been caught in some ghastly crossfire as a result of recent mentalist media interest in the spanking scene, and while they recover from it I think that having some extra members will probably make them feel better :) And the more rich and successful we all get, the more powerful we'll all be, and the more we can take everyone to court if they say horrible, untrue things about our community and the people in it. Which will be a very good thing.

La la la, I don't have time to properly explain what I've been doing, (and I expect it'd be BOOOORRRRING) so I'll make a quick little list-y so that you'll have an idea of what kind of work I've been engaged in since I've been AWOL. Here are some of my best/worst bits, see if you can guess which is which.

a) Shooting with the BDM for in the far North of beautiful Sweden, being tied up on beaches, to trees, and in our lovely ancient rented house. It never got dark so we didn't really sleepy, but even so, it was SUPER. Hmm, I just gave you a clue about whether it was a best bit or not. It jolly well was.

b) Going to work in Switzerland with James Bertoni at the marvellous . Oh joy; he lets you wear LOADS of makeup (till your face is sort of stiff, but ever so colourful) and then does beautiful, glamorous bondage in his fab studio sets (which include a pirate ship and a jungle with real running water), while wearing high, high heels the whole time.

c) Working with (not the website of course, the actual PERSON, but I can't work out how to write that so it links to her) for ; whee, it was fun! Niki's written about it properly, but I DID enjoy having a break from talking - being a pet-girl is a lovely holiday from responsibility...

d) Shooting pantyhose somewhere in France (still not sure where, to be honest) with a photographer who had 14 cats and no mobile phone reception at his house. Wowzer! 11 mosquitoes BIT THROUGH THE PANTYHOSE while we were shooting in the forest, YUK! But to make up for the lack of phone reception, he let me listen to my own iPod whenever we were shooting in the house. And sang along with me when required.

e) Whee! Having a date with the BDM when I finally got back to England. And loving him very much - thank you for waiting for me, BDM! We stayed in a hotel, gossiped a lot, and we were too tired to actually DO any BDSM so we just talked about it, which, it turns out, is very exciting too.

Shall try to post more before I go away again, thanks for reading, and sorry for being so sporadic!