Saturday, 7 June 2008


I do apologise to everyone, I'm not really at home at the moment and I'm struggling with keeping up with computer-things... Maybe I should buy a tiny little laptop thing, and then I could post when I'm working away from home... Starting next week, I shall be in ;-

Milton Keynes :)
and Spain until mid August.

So if I'm rubbish at blogging, that will be the reason. I'll do my best though, cos I love it....

In the meantime, I want to sort out a couple of things for people who've kindly commented here :)

Firstly - I do apologise to anyone who's linked to me and I haven't returned the favour. If that's the case (or if you want me to link to you) please reply to this post, letting me know where your blog is, and I'll sort it out. Sorry, I'm still a bit confused by how it all works...

Secondly - I'm really sorry to anyone who's made enquiries about one-to-one spanking sessions. I'm afraid I don't ever do them, for a couple of reasons. Mainly, although I really like doing BDSM at work, I feel a bit weird if the person who's paying me is also the one doing the spanking - I like the top/Dom to have been hired to do the job, the same as me. I'm not sure why, but it feels like there's more professional distance built in that way. Also, since starting my relationship with the BDM, I try to keep some things just between us, and playing privately with anyone else would make me feel as though I was taking something away from our relationship...

I imagine that if I tried to do one-to-ones, I'd be a bit rubbish because I'd be trying to stay as arms-length as possible, which I'm guessing would be reeeeeeally tedious and not very hot. Whereas when I'm making spanking films I can throw myself into it because I feel really comfortable (except for my bottom, obviously...)

But thank you very much to everyone who's enquired, I'm very flattered :)

And thank you to everyone who's kindly offered to be my bodyguard. I feel very much in need of at least one and shall be organising a rota very soon. Obviously, I won't necessarily do what you tell me to, even if you think it's for my own safety. In fact, I shall probably ignore you and be extremely rude if you try to impose your rules on me. Hmmm.

Mwah, mwah :)

Ariel and Amelia (Ariel will treat the bodyguard very well, by the way, it's only Amelia who's planning to be difficult...)