Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Ouch, it HURTS!

I'm just back from my first shoot for http://www.firmhandspanking.com/ this year. And very super it was! I was very fascinated by the film 'The Bodyguard' when I first saw it as a teenager, and although I couldn't BEAR Mr Smug Costner being all humourless and miserable throughout, I did VERY much like the idea of being bossed around by a bodyguard. It seemed so interesting that even though she was the boss really, he got to tell her what to do. It's played on my mind ever since.

Alas, I am not famous enough to need a bodyguard. I've only ever been spotted on the street ONCE as Amelia-Jane, and the lovely chap was too polite to come up to me, he just emailed me later. And no one has EVER spotted Ariel Anderssen, much to my disappointment. But I live in hope. Having a bodguard is a very hot fantasy, because however horrid and bossy he was, it'd all be FOR MY OWN GOOD, and he'd probably be all capable and military and mmmm, strict. Not to mention trained to kill. HOORAH!

So this is what I decided to shoot for Firm Hand. Our location was a lovely hotel suite on a top floor in Central London, and I was a pop singer (who, mercifully didn't actually have to sing during the movie...). And I had a jolly lovely time, haughtily insisting I didn't need to be escorted on my shopping trip, refusing to go to a security briefing at an arena, and being generally horrid before escaping my bodyguard and having a traumatic experience with a STALKER and realising he'd been right all along.... I've never really shot a spanking romance before, and it was really nice to have a proper happy ending for once, I do hope it doesn't spoil it for anyone...

I really wanted to say my favourite line from the original film;-

'He's my BODYGUARD!', delivered in a sobbing voice after the poor chap had been shot trying to protect me. But he didn't get shot, so I jolly well couldn't. Huh.

I don't have any pictures from the shoot yet, just a VERY sore bottom (bloody wooden paddle - the cane had broken enroute so we had to do extra paddling instead...). But here are two from my shoot for http://www.restrainedelegance.com/ last week. I was a SPY. In a NUCLEAR SUBMARINE! It was tremendous!

Have a super week, everyone!
Ariel :)


Anonymous said...

Haha nice photos!
I think you get recognized in the streets as AJR and AA more than you think, people are probably just to shy to come up to you and say hello lol

anyway nice work! can't wait to see your movie!


Ariel said...

Thank you Miss SpankoGirl :) I hope you enjoy the movie when it's edited and online :)

OliviaManners said...

That is why I'd like to join you! Your shoots always sound so much FUN.
And I am actually very envious that you have such a sore bottom.

See you soon :)


Funbun said...

Hi Amelia,

I'm sure you will get an extra spanking from the people at Firmhand as you mention the wrong site address (url) in your last story
It should be:

and not www.firmhand.com

I would certainly recognize you on the streets and make some remarks as well. Hoping to be able to give you a lovely over the knee hand spanking as I like that best. But that might be just dreaming...

XXX, Funbun

Hywel Phillips said...

All together now...

And I-eeee-yei wi-ii-lllllllll al' way' zzzz luuuurve y-ooooo-e-oooooo.... :-)

Ariel said...

Thanks Funbun, have just changed it. That was VERY bad form, but I don't think I can cope with any more spanking right now, I've got proper black bruises for the first time in ages. Bloody paddles!


Funbun said...

In that case you should refrain from getting spanked for a long time.
I know it is not "fashionable" to talk about the negative effects of heavy bruising, but it DOES do permanent damage.
In particular when the bruising is at the same place most of the time (your bum).
As you have adorable buttocks, (you're a stunning beauty overall) I suggest you just take good control of what your lovely rotundities can handle and never get lured into: "Just a little bit more..." as that will never stop.
On the long(er) term you will seriously regret tolerating too heavy spankings and bruisings.

Don't get me wrong; I LOVE spankings, LOVE to see you on the receiving end, but that is exactly the reason. I love to see you spanked over and over again on "perfect" (and not damaged) buttocks.

Don't believe those who say you can always take it harder. Don't give in to even stronger adrenaline rushes.
Accept that a human body can only handle certain limits.

I love you too much to see your bottom damaged.

XXX, Funbun

Anonymous said...

Please tell me how one gets to meet Amelia-Jane, the famous film star, in person? Thank you.

matthew said...

Hi Amelia

I think I must be the one you are referring to who saw you on the street (in the undercover market).
I think everyone deserves to be able to keep their private life separate from their work (and their fantasy!) but I suppose if i was ever lucky enough to spot you again (and I don't often shop in the same area - so not much chance there!) I might just enquire whether you'd slipped your bodyguard...

(Thanks for the mention!)

xxx matthew

Anonymous said...

Ariel/Amelia do you have any time for 1-2-1 sessions in between making films and living your life?

Matthew said...

It's at times like this I wish I was your bodyguard ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Amelia

Please add my name to the list of applicants to be your bodyguard. Perhaps there should be a rota so that you can be afforded 24 x 7 protection. Baggsy the evening slot from 6pm to Midnight.

Anon x

Seaj said...

Hey, Ms. Amelia. If you are coming to Vegas for S.L in Sept and need a bodyguard, let me know. Free and no strings...or rope unless requested. Loved your work with S.Lane.
References available.
Joe from Seattle

AT7 said...

:-O Not being spotted as AA?! Blasphemy!! I frequently travel into London on the train from Reading and as sad as this sounds, I always have my eyes peeled (just in case!)

Here's one hoping he might spot you soon!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Amelia, I am also interested to know about arranging a 1-2-1 with you. The relationship between a bodyguard and his charge could be an apt scenario for a meeting.


Spanking OTK said...

Hello Amelia. I love your blog!!! If you like we could exchange links betwen our blogs.

Let me know!!!


Jake and Nomi's Spanking Delights said...

Dearest Amelia, thank goodness that you have started a blog. I have been watching video clips of you on Firmhandspanking and I love your reactions to your spankings, which make them so different from some models. I suddenly realised that I hadn't placed a link on my blog to yours so I have finally got round to doing that. It wasn't untill I was watching one video clip that I realised that I have met you and had several conversations with you in Brighton about 2 years ago. Silly me, no wonder I needed new glasses! Keep up the good work and I'll join your fan club!
Jake & Nomi

Spank-A-Lot said...

Hi, only recently found your blog. Have been a fan of your work since I first saw a clip of you on Dallas Spanks Hard. It appears your profile has had a metoric rise since then. If you are ever looking for ideas of new scenes for your videos do feel free to take some from the real life stories I have at my blog - http://spank-a-lot.blogspot.com/

Hope to see more of your work!


Lancisto said...

Brutal Interrogator: "Admit it! You're a spy!"
Ariel Jane Randerssen: "No! I'm not, I'm a shepherd."
BI: "Aha! Shepherd's Pie!"

(blatantly ripped off from the goons, for all you copyright and proper creditation people (like me, f'rinstance)).

Anonymous said...

Amelia you are simply the best spanking model I have ever seen. You act up brilliantly, your pain never sounds fake, and there's always a saucy hint of fun...You are a spanking fans dream come true.