Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Bad Girl, doesn't even DESERVE a Blog...

In the olden days, before my blog started (in, umm, April...) I visited other people's blogs a lot (still do, natch...) and was very annoyed when they lazily didn't post anything new for days and days. And here I am, being even more annoying. Especially since I started rather well, I feel. But I did have flu, which gave me some time at home...

Here is a list of the things I've done since last time I posted. Some of them are interesting, some not. Please sort the list into two columns, clearly label them, and return it to me by Monday, class. (hmm, I've become a dom, or at least a teacher. How freaky - but it's almost midnight and I'm very tired, so I'm sure it won't last...)

1) Went to Devon, took all my clothes off, and made a travel documentary.
2) Danced on pointe for 2 hours (extremely badly) in Birmingham and hoped that it'd look ok for still pictures.
3) Watched Kill Bill with the BDM and wanted very much to be Uma Thurman. Especially in the training sequences when she keeps having to punch a block of wood, till she's like, BLEEDING.
4) Sadly said goodbye to the BDM and drove to Norfolk, where I spent the day being photographed with a selection of fruit and vegetables (I was particularly irritated by a large, flawless red pepper which I think upstaged me). Oh, lordy, this sounds rude. It was NOT a rude shoot, just a nice commercial shoot about eating more fruit and vegetables. Which I will not be doing, because I hate them....
5) Ooh, I have a fantasy about being made to eat my vegetables. Wheeee!!!
6) Met my cousin, who I haven't seen for 15 years. He turns out to be SUPER, and I hope he won't mind my saying this, but when BDSM came up in conversation, he turned out to be into LOADS of the same stuff as me which was lovely, interesting, and also made me wonder if all this stuff is usually hereditary? And he seems to have higher pain tolerance than me, which made me want to raise my game :)
7) Modelled for a 'lighting the nude' tutorial, run by a super photographer friend of mine. Which was entirely uneventful, except that I felt a bit sulky and didn't really do what anyone said...
8)Oh, gosh, there were more things, but I have to SLEEEEEEEEP. So shall write an ACTUAL post tomorrow :)



Ariel said...

Just noticed the terrible grammar, please don't point it out, I'm too embarrassed to cope.. and am too tired to remember how to edit. And I'm Cinderella.

Lily C said...

Excited that you are back.
Lily C.

Anonymous said...

Amelia, Ariel, Cinderella
What is they say about split personalities! Do hope we will see some of the photos / video you've been engaged in recent days.
Your disarming candour and evident enjoyment of life in all its forms is much appreciated.
You deserve a space for your thoughts, please keep them coming accompanied by great photography, something you share with Niki.
Lokking forward to more vulnerable and very erotic photos!

Anonymous said...

Surely bad girls who don't post should be punished? Perhaps the BDM could be petitioned to think of a suitably humiliating chastisement. The report of that would suitably compensate those of us who have been checking your site on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a Bad Girl, but a delightful one at that. Whether you post everyday or one-a-month, it's better than no blog at all.


Dave said...

Definitely don't worry about posting at a certain frequency or time...seems like blogger understandably feel under pressure to continually come up with posts on a daily basis--when you should just post when ya feel like it :)

Well you are a busy bee with your foto shoots the like

..interesting point about the possible heriditary nature of kinkyness. That raises loads of intriguing questions.

Best to you,

Spanking OTK said...

Hello, I like your blog. If you like we could exchange links betwen our blogs. Let me know.


Anonymous said...

Oooh-she's/they're back for more! Slowhand's been missing you. Nothing else in this particular realm will do: you project a spirited, cheerily mischievous intelligence, our awareness of which is a curiously satisfying accompaniment to the spectacle of watching you get your ass whipped.

Won't eat your vegetables is it? Someone summon ol' China Hamilton; I bet he eats his vegetables!

Dan Navarro said...

Amelia Jane, I am in love. With YOU!

The third picture in your elegant collection -- the one where you are over the knee of some bald guy, your gorgeous legs perfectly straight -- is magnificent. And YOU are magnificent.

What a super spanking pose! I admit I am not one who likes F/F pics, I never give them a second look. But when you go over the knee of a strong man, I don't care if you are SEVEN feet tall, you are beautiful to me!


eray said...

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