Saturday, 12 April 2008

The Strength! The Grace!

Except - not really. I used to be a ballet dancer, before I got taller than all the men who were meant to be able to pick me up. This actually happened when I was about 12, but I soldiered on because I loved it so very much. And thank heavens I did, because it turns out that kinky people often have a very special place in their hearts for ballet dancers. Why? I do not know. Certainly dancing en pointe is supremely masochistic, in an not very hot, blister-y way. Maybe because ballet is all rarified and mannered, so thinking of a ballet-dancer being, well - DEFILED - for example, is rather interesting.
Anyway, being a bondage and spanking model has given me the chance to re-live all my ballet fantasies; and here is one of my favourite ballet/fetish shots, taken at Easter by
And here is the story. I arrived at his studio, and he kindly carried my suitcase upstairs while I said hello to his wife and his cat. He chose my outfit from the selection I'd brought (ballet skirt and pointe shoes) and I put them on while he made me a cup of tea. Still talking to his wife, I started down the stairs, holding my tea and wearing my pointe shoes. Then I fell down the stairs, throwing my tea at;-
a) The ceiling (where it dripped back down onto me)
b) The stairs
c) His wife
d) The cat
And then I cried, while they kindly mopped up all the tea, including the splashes which had fallen on my shoes. Fortunately, when I'd recovered a little, I was able to help clean the ceiling, because in pointe shoes, I was the only one who could reach.
Then he took pictures of my legs until my face was doing normal model-things again :) And here is the picture. Hope you enjoy it :)
Ariel (because there was no spanking in this story, only bondage)


Redhead said...

Yes, my g/f told me about the emasculation risks to men standing too close to tall girls for supported pirouettes. Often wondered why the knee held there was described as retiré. LOL
Years ago she told me she’d learned to befriend pain as a teacher. Good lesson.
I’ve met some of the posters here – great guys

Herzlich willkommen! Bildschöne Aufnahmen einer bildschönen Frau.



Nice picture, great imagery.

I once heard an interview with a stage manager who said that when the dancers in a ballet come off stage, the grace disappears and the limps, bandages and other paraphernalia of people who are permanently dancing on injuries come out. He described it as "Like being at a military hospital when the casualties from a very strange and colourful battle are coming in". It sounded to me like professional dancers have to have a little masochism in them, to be able to do their work.


MarQe said...

So pleased to have found your blog Amelia, I have long been a fan of your work, primarily at Firm Hand. I have [fairly recently] started a spanking blog, just for fun & a place to store some of my favourite smacked bottoms & related stuff & yes your bottom has made an appearance as will now a link to your blog which is sure to be a success !! Please call around to my house and spill tea sometime so that I can drag you by the wrist to the nearest chair and thoroughly warm your wonderful deriere !!!

Love n Spanks

MarQe x

PS: You don't do 1-2-1's do you ? Perchance to dream ;) MrQ x

Winchester said...

an appealing photo - but I must comment Ariel that your host missed a real chance there to discover Amelia Jane - the ceiling , stairs and cat might all be inored - buit to hrow tea at his wofe....! No wonder you burst into tears - good way of trying to avoid the inevitable. Oh - and were you really dressed in ballet skirt and pointe shoes as you descended the stairs: if so how did the skirt not get tea stains - and what did his wife make of you going topless? :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks promising, but change the font. Immediately. It's almost unreadable.


Adele Haze said...

When you look like a goddess in pictures, you can be a total ditz off-screen, and nobody will care LOL

Spanking_Amy said...

Oh bless you. This is exactly the sort of thing I do. :(
I still laughed though. Sorry old bean.

I have to say, your tying me up in the NSI shoot has really piqued my interest in trying some bondage stuff. Curse you! I always said I wasn't in to it!


Winchester said...

So you tied up Amy in the NS shoot! Is that something we will get to see...please? If so, please take her "curse" as undone and substitue a blessing and intorude her to Hywell!

She has in the past admitted to likeing handcuffs in any case, so she might have just a little tongue in cheek (not meant to be a pun - such a tiny person must have a little tongue)

Anonymous said...

Love the photo, it would be great to see a gallery of such photos, preferably in black and white or sepia, i think it just improves the imagery.
Combination of elegance and restraint is just so tantalising - love it.
take care