Friday, 18 April 2008

My favourite games

Wheee! I'm off to shoot with later today, and I'm so excited :) This is why I know I'm happier being a spanking model than a spanking producer - it's a lovely feeling, just having to turn up and act, really just like going to a friend's house to play, which I did a lot when I was a child. Here is a list of my favourite games which my sister and I made up;-

Witches' boarding school (hmmm, very much like Harry Potter, but we made it up first...)

Second World War (which involved us being very hungry evacuees and talking about powdered egg a lot)

Poorhouse (mmm, this involved us being horribly abused orphans, and eating crusts of bread)

WORKhouse (even worse than Poorhouse, we had to pull a plough, and had to collapse a lot from exhaustion. My sister didn't enjoy this game very much, but it was my favourite and I was always pestering to play it...)

Bomb. We had a lamp-post outside our house which ticked fabulously. We pretended it was a bomb, and took it in turns to tie each other to it, after which we had to escape. I was EXCELLENT at this game :)

So spanking shoots are really very similar to what I used to do just for fun. Except that there's actual spanking now, as opposed to imaginary cruelty. And it's my job. Hooray!

Now I must go and pack, so I shall post more when I'm home on Sunday. EXCITED!


Dave said...

Dear Ariel,

This blog is wonderful :-)

I am SO delighted you are getting your blog on, as you are one of the best spanking models I have ever seen!

For example, the recent set with Northern Spanking? Exquisite! Your work with Firm Hand? Delicious.

Maybe it's all that ballet training...keeps those bottom areas toned. and tight.


All best,
'The Cherry
Red Report

ja456 said...

I love the blog and thing those games are incredible. As an American and as a guy I do see some cultural differences here, my friends and I played World War II (notice we call ‘two’ not ‘second’ like a movie) difference was we were always the army and we were always wining. Anyways you are one of my favorite spanking models for many reasons for many reasons such as ability to act, and one of your movies was the first spanking movie I ever saw.

Ariel said...

Gosh, I'm so happy to hear that I was in the first movie you ever saw, ja456 :) I really hope you liked it!

And thank you Dave, I'm glad you like my blog, I'm having a lovely time with it (although I'm sorry to everyone I haven't replied to yet - I'm a bit rubbish....)


Winchester said...

Great to hear that you have been to northern spanking again - perhaps you gave Amy a little more bondage experience? I hope she did not get the chance ot hand-tawse you again - and that you avoided bastinado with the tawse - even Hywel might balk at that!

Your childhood games with your sister were certainly imaginative. I remember powdered egg - I'm suprised you do! In Bomb, were you exccellent at escaping? or tying up your sister? Either way, you evnidently had great fun. I can remember wanbting to be tied up - but then finding it all a big anti-climax: I suppose even as a child I saw bondage as a prelude to something else - not an end in itself.

At this stage of your blog, knowing you are just a little busy, we can perhaps forgive your not answering ... but by answering you show you have actually read what has been posted - so don't get into bad habits too early! Otherwise you will certainly be on everyone's spanking list (If you are not already!)

Spanking_Amy said...

Hmpfh. Totally not fair. We're at completely opposite ends of the world and I'm missing the spanking fun with you!

I am eating red velvet cake next to waikiki beach though, so it's not all bad.



ja456 said...

Yes, Ariel you were in my first and if you are curious it was that 'fair enough' movie you did for GBS and it is still a favorite and one I show to friends if they want to know why I am into spanking.

Anonymous said...

Lady, it wasn't a picture of you in The Economist this week in the article with the title "Vanilla is not the only flavor?" It wasn't about kink, but boy sure looked like you!!!!

Ariel said...

Ooh, I don't know if I was in the Economist! Sometimes I don't know where my pictures are going to end up, so it could have been me... If it looked GORGEOUS then I'm happy to claim ownership. Otherwise, no ;)

Thanks, Winchester :) I don't ACTUALLY remember actual powdered egg, although I pestered my mother into buying some eventually so that we could experience the full war-time horror ;)

Huh, Amy. RUDE! Why would you go abroad when I was coming to Northern Spanking? Would have tied you up, and that would have made Winchester happy. Don't you WANT to make people happy?

Spanking_Amy said...

Pah. I am RUDE! You know that!

And you arranged the shoot *after* I arranged my trip. So POOH to YOU.

Will just have to do it another time.


Dave said...

p.s. I just posted a shrine...erm..I mean a tribute...well...I mean, a feature on you on my blog.

Hope ya like it :-)