Wednesday, 23 April 2008

I am a Disaster

Oh, for heavens sake. Today I had a day off for the first time in a few weeks (apart from the days I spent lying on my back, glugging Lucozade) and I had a super time on Oxford Street buying modelling clothes and eating cake with a lovely girlfriend. Then I went home and realised I'd lost my diary.


I have nine months of bookings in there, which I'll never remember on my own. And I'm not at all sure whether anyone who finds it will send it back to me, because I suspect it might make entertaining reading for someone with a non-kinky life.

I feel very sorry for myself.

But worst of all, the boyfriend/Dom/Master has been trying for months to make me zip up my bag when I'm out, because I'm always dropping stuff and inviting pick-pockets. And I have ignored him.


I think he is very likely to punish me, and I think he might actually be right. This is a very poor end to the day, and I feel rather ashamed of myself for;-

a) Ignoring the BDM's very sensible advice.

b) Kind of lying to him earlier when he asked me if my bag had been unzipped when the diary went missing.

c) Oh, lordy; just losing the most important thing I could possibly have lost. Apart, possibly, from my head. Or the actual BDM. Or my virginity. Hmmmm.

Anyway, I shall post a picture now, to distract myself from the horror of this particular Wednesday. And hopefully to distract you too :)


Jo said...

Oh, Ariel!! What IS the BDM going to do to you for this!! ;-)

But seriously, I can imagine how devastating it must be to lose your diary...Maybe whoever finds it might surprise you with their kindness...

But don't dwell upon it...

ja456 said...

That is why you have blogs you can't lose those. Now your diary and blog have something in common: there both being read by strangers! Yes your BDM needs to give you along and hard lesson. Great pic by the way naked tied up girl in the back of pick up truck looking all scared,sexy and vunerable! Sweet!

Niki Flynn said...

Oh, girlfriend, I feel for you, I really do. My stomach swooped as I read this post. You're at the mercy of the kindness of strangers and I hope hope hope someone finds it and returns it. Or even better - that you realise you'd actually left it in the freezer or somewhere stupid. You'd feel like an idiot, but at least you'd have it back.

{{{big hugs}}}

I hope the BDM is understanding. Though I suspect he will only be so after doing horrible things to you. If it's any consolation, it might make you feel a little better too.

Winchester said...

Oh dear - you must be in tatters. I know that when I even mislay my diary I amin frnzy because it contains all my appointments for months ahead - and I have no back up. Perhaps there is a lesson for nboth of us! I do hope you vcan reconstruct your appointments. As to the reaction of him whom you know not how to describe other than BDM - the D in him might decide that a little CP would help you be mnore careful in future - the M might be very cross that you lied about having the bag zipped up,take away your Queen Slave collar again and have you do a little resident pet routine with a spot of bastinado - but the B, which MUST be the most important role of all, shoyuld surely take you into his arms, hug you tight, and take you out for a special meal to give you back somne of the self respect you lose when you lose your diary. So if I were you I wuld tell the B, but not the D or the M! Best wishes to you - oh - and I hope the Northen Spanking shoot went well even without the presence of Amy!

Redhead said...

I’ve used this to help people overcome their forgetfulness.

Get a large office planning calendar – I think they have Staples over there.

Start by putting in all the dates you know, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, parties, gym and medical appointments you can remember. Look at your check book to remind you of any recurring events for which you were paid and think when you’ll be doing that again.

Look through all of your notes, stuff you’ve written down,
You’ll start to remember that “you had an appointment after ‘Steve’s’ birthday” and a dental check-up you had to reschedule to go on a shoot.

Slowly but surely, you’ll be surprised how much you remember.

Were you planning on buying presents, a new dress, for whom and what occasion? The trick is to write all the dates down. Pencil in those you are not too sure about.

Now check through your purse for plane tickets, your e-mail for engagements, and put all those in the calendar.

Now look at each of the months and look at public holidays. Check with all of your friends if you mentioned doing something special the last time you were with them. (It’s a nice way to hook up).

Look at your industry (mine’s film) calendars and that may help.
Call your agencies if you are working with them, and each of the photographer’s you work with. “I’m just checking my calendar. I may have a conflict. Weren’t we due to be working next month? Can you check your calendar?” (A slight plus here is that if you didn’t have a booking, you may end up getting one). If you are too embarrassed to say why you haven’t got the dates, say it’s “data loss” after you last backed up. True.

The sooner you start the better. Everything is in your head somewhere.


HH said...

Oh, Lord.

I don't suppose it's a comfort, but if Niki lost something that important and hadn't taken a backup, I'd have her hide for... well, you get the drift.

But I know you must be feeling terrible, and I think that perhaps you'll need the hugs up front.

And Redhead's suggestions are very good. You can probably remember most of the people you'd planned shoots with, if not the dates. And you haven't lost your phone book... I hope.


Lucy McLean said...

oh babe. What a nightmare! I'd also be completely screwed without my diary as my whole life is in there. Though I do have a wall planner which is a bit of a back up.

Oooh! HUGE HUGS! :-(

OliviaManners said...

I don't feel that I was anywhere near as consoling as I should have been!
I do hope that you have managed to retrieve all of the information somewhere, somehow, or that someone was kind enough to send it back .... rather pink faced though imagine.

Ariel said...

Ah, thank you everyone! The BDM has punished me (good lord! VERY severely!) and I'm still trying to track the diary down. I've bought a new one, too, and am trying to reconstruct my life through reading old emails :)

Thank you very much for all your kind words! I wasn't expecting that, I thought everyone would just laugh at me...

Ariel :)

Ariel said...
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Jo said...

Actually, Ariel, it has given me a wonderful idea for a story...A secret submissive who records her thoughts and fantasies in a diary, loses it...and then finds herself under the spell of the dominant who finds it...

Just a thought...

Spanking_Amy said...

Oh hell. That is majorly bad. I've switched to just using iCal on my laptop, 'cause I kept forgetting to take my filofax around with me, but I suppose that means that if something happens to my laptop I'm buggered.

Mind, if someone got hold of my laptop, I'm fairly sure they'd find far more incriminating material outwith the shoot calendar....


Lancisto said...

In terms of the appointments you might not have quite remembered, don't forget that you were supposed to come and be my naked and spanked housemaid for the rest of the year.

Just let me know when to pick you up from the station...