Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Back Where I Belong

I posted last week about being super-excited about going back to www.northernspanking.com for my second shoot. How right I was to be excited; I wish I'd worked with them when I first started doing spanking work, it's like being in a big, strange, happy, kinky family.

And how great was my joy not to be in charge! (It was VERY great, to give you a clue...) I woke up on Saturday morning and spent a lovely long time doing my face and hair, before trundling into the kitchen to be fed breakfast. So, pretty much like being a teenager again, really, but without the anxiety... As always, there were lots of people milling around doing important things, but I just ate toast and thought 'mmm; I'm going to be spanked, ALL day, and I'm going to be told what the stories are, and who I'm meant to be, and even what PANTS to wear, and HOORAY for Lucy McLean et al....'

Over the next two days, we shot and shot and shot, but these were my favourite bits....

1) Trying to maintain a vaguely Russian accent while being spanked for, like, an HOUR.
2) Crying and crying and crying over something I hadn't actually done, but which seemed entirely real at the time. (Hooray, super director...)
3) Being utterly vile for 40 glorious, spoilt, continuous, Amelia-Jane minutes and pretending to faint to avoid being spanked by my tutor.
4) Whee, working with Stephen Lewis, who really should get spotted by a casting director one day...
5)Oh, gush, gush, gush. It was all lovely. And I got spanked in the bath. And the water was PINK.

And then I flew happily home, having had a wonderful, spank-filled time with lots of lovely people, and feeling excited about seeing the finished product. Hooray for being a model, and not a producer! Can't recommend it enough.


This was my (entirely true) postive post about being a spanking model. Next, I shall write about the joys of being a bondage model. This might have to be made up. La la la.....


Dave said...

That recap sounds utterly fabulous.

I can not imagine what it must be like to be in this industry as an actor or producer...or on the set of a spanking shoot. I'd love to try it tho!

Best to you,

Lucy McLean said...

oh yay! You were an utter joy my darling and I could work with you again and again and never tire of your fabulous performances :-) Hoorah for lovely people and friends!

Anonymous said...

Yay indeed.

I think funeral director is more likely than casting director but thank you for the lovely comment. Coming from your good self its quite a compliment.

Among my numerous highlights of being lucky enough to spend the weekend messing about (oops working)with you

1) A whole scenario built around a piece of headwear which didn't actually stay on your head for more than 5 seconds.

2) The worlds tallest spanking model trying to hide behind the arm of a settee.

3) A truly eye opening demonstration of what "cheesecake" is.

4) Amelia Jane bites!!!. Shocking behaviour really. A think a sign around your neck may be required warning prospective Tops. Or a gumshield.

5) You and Lucy humouring me on the "twins" film despite neither of you quite clearly finding it anywhere near as funny as i did. Bless you both

Actually who am i trying to kid , the whole weekend was a blast. Thank you so much.

PS Can't help but notice that there are less comments to this "happy post" than your "suffering" ones. Surely people don't prefer to hear about your suffering.

PPS. Despite obviously being happier as the model rather than a producer, you've clearly got so much to offer in both fields that i hope you can find a way to combine them (just get someone else to do the horrible bits). This is of course an entirely selfish comment on my part based entirely on the fact that the concept you had is right up my kinky alley.

Anyway i've rambled on enough so am off to check out Ariel on Restrained Elegence and see if A)she bites and B) if the rigging matches my intricate efforts of last weekend.


Tancrede said...

Hi, Amelia! Your blog is very interesting as you try to explain many insights about your shoots or everyday life, disasters included; your posts are enjoyable, witty and humoristical. But rather strangely, it turns out to be a place where tops settle scores with you. As soon as you post, one of them interferes to comment and slander everything you did or write. I'm not sure you aimed at that when opening this blog. Very soon, there won't be any room left for your fans, friends and fellow-stars, i'm afraid. Couldn't you keep BDM away from it? If he doesn't like Cinderella, he can leave her in peace. As to the guy you allegedly bit, sure you hurt him much more than he hurt you, but every job entails risks. Hope he didn’t catch the rabies. Will he change his job now?

Ariel said...

Ah, thank you everyone for your lovely comments :) Dave, you really should try a spanking shoot if you possibly can; it's like therapy, but nicer :)

Thank you Lucy, I LOVE YOU...

Ha, Vic :) Amelia-Jane does bite, I'm afraid; but of course Ariel NEVER bites, NEVER. She is a much nicer girl than Amelia...

Ah, Tancrede, very lovely to see you on my blog! Yes, aren't all the tops horrid? I think the BDM is sure to love Cinderella in the end, it's just a question of educating him :) And I'm sure tops can be taught to enjoy being bitten sometimes? Honestly, they should be GRATEFUL!


John NI said...

I must admit to being a little jealous after reading your post Amelia,to me the thought of getting paid while clearly having so much fun is my idea of heaven.
You are a very lucky girl.
I must add i absolutley love hearing you spaek as your accent really does it for me putting aside the fact that you are stunningly attractive.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me how one gets to meet Amelia-Jane, the famous film star, in person? Thank you.