Monday, 1 December 2008

Kept Woman

Good heavens! This week is very momentous for me. On Thursday I am moving in with the BDM (to newcomers to my blog, this stands for Boyfriend/Dom/Master because he very cleverly manages to take on all three roles). I'm very happy. I do try to be careful about posting personal information on my blog in case it's being read by arch-enemies or, you know, stalkers, but I'm just going to splurge all sorts of personal details now, because I have run out of self-discipline...

I've been living on my own in my flat in London for the last 2 years. And it's been very, very ordered and tidy. But rather lonely. There isn't really much space for the BDM here, but he's spent lots of time here, and I think that my neighbours might be a bit sick of us. I do try not to be noisy, but BDSM just IS noisy, so I think it'll be good to be in a house instead.

Our new house will have a DUNGEON, so that the BDM can use it as a studio. This is actually factually incorrect. The new house will have a STUDIO, which can be used as a dungeon when he's not working. But in my head, it shall not be a studio. Oh no. Flash heads are not sexy. Is a flash head even a real thing? Good lord, maybe I'll learn more about photography once I'm living in an actual photographer's house.

Anyway, it's not his house. We're buying it together. It's 2/3rds this house and 1/3 mine. And my 3rd shall be very very clean :)

And these are some things that I'm looking forward to. Sorry, they are not all kinky. But the picture I posted at the top of the post is, so if this is boring, just look at that for a while instead, and IMAGINE what the post might have been about....

1) Eating dinner with my boyfriend, at a dining table, instead of eating on my own, at my desk while trying to reply to emails.
2) Sharing a bed. Or a room at least, I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to sleep in an actual bed.... I wonder if I can have a sort of giant pet-basket?
3) Not having to schedule time together as though it's a military campaign. I'll just magically see him, every day (sort of - I'll still have to work away a lot)
4) Being able to have people to stay - I haven't got space at my flat to have more than one person at a time (or a very friendly couple) and I'm so looking forward to that!
5) Being a terrible, apologetic, submissive landlady. I hope my future tenant isn't reading this, because I can already tell I'm going to be a pushover. I've just bought her a new oven, entirely by accident and against my will.

Now I'm going to stop writing before I publish my address, bank details and mother's maiden name. Sorry for gushing, but I really am very excited!


Monday, 17 November 2008

Am Ghastly. And Tiny.

Happy days! have just finished editing 'Ghastly Amelia-Jane', which is, to date, one of my very favourite shoots ever-in-the-world. Lucy kindly asked me what I'd like to shoot and I, with a general lack of professionalism, just reeled off what I was fantasising most about at the time. Which was;-

a) Being woken up especially in order to be punished. This is actually one of the few fantasies I have which I don't actually want fulfilled (PLEASE, BDM). I hate waking up, and am groggy and sad if made to do so. But the idea of being punished while that defenseless is hot. And I've always fondly imagined that I'd be super at withstanding interrogation with sleep deprevation thrown in. In my fantasies, I'm always very brave :)

b) Being punished by a private tutor. I like the combination of spanking and spelling tests very much (what a freak - I never revised for them when I was actually at school, and hated them very much - though not as much as times-tables. But now I LOVE them). I like trying to get the answers right. Watch the video and see if you can guess whether I'm being deliberately stupid, or whether, perhaps, I don't know very much about structural engineering....

The film is going up on Northern Spanking in several parts, starting this week. So go along and have a look. When I watched the final edit, I laughed a lot; it's proper spanking - and I loved Paul's efforts to be reasonable and patient - he puts in a a super perfomance.

Thank you, Lucy, for letting me shoot my fantasy! And thank you also for photographing me so that I'd look small. I really do, and it makes me so happy!


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bars and Stripes. And a Cold.

Well, well, well. What a strange shoot this looks like. And indeed, it was. See if you can work out the story from the above stills.... I'm not sure I can help you, to be quite honest, even though I was there. It's all a bit of a blur.... is an absolutely super CP website/virtual world. I was tremendously excited to discover it existed, and went and worked for them for the first time about 18 months ago. Last week, I went back for a second go. One of the lovely things about B&S is that it's basically a soap opera - there are characters who always appear, and once you've been admitted, you get to keep shooting for them until you've done your time. Yay!

I get to play a particularly unpleasant incarnation of Amelia-Jane here. She's a corrupt lawyer who's finally been found out after years of dodgy dealing. She's awfully clever, and terribly patronising to the long-suffering members of staff (particularly Officer Stephen Lewis, who she looks upon as her inferior). Fortunately for them, this prison allows the use of corporal punishent, so every infraction is swiftly dealt with.

So off I wandered, to a chilly studio in North London, to deliver myself into the hands of Governor Michael Stamp for 2 days. You can fit an awful lot of spanking into 48 hours. An AWFUL lot. And lovely though the team undoubtably are, they are not gentle (how could you be, really, in a prison?). As is traditional at spanking shoots, we started with the lighter scenes and progressed to tougher stuff later on. But even the first hand spanking seemed to hurt in a shocking and un-natural way. OUCH! As the day progressed, I didn't get any braver. The scenes were wonderful fun, but everything was so painful! Even the strap-of-joy (named because it LOOKS scary, SOUNDS scary, but is really surprisingly kind and gentle) seemed pretty severe... We ended the first day with a flogging and 12 stroke caning. And I cried. A GREAT DEAL. Which is fine, except that I was meant to be playing a tough, haughty criminal. I went back to the (super, purple) hotel with a sore throat from screaming so much, feeling rather baffled by myself. Was I losing my kink? I wondered...

The next day Matron arrived. I love her very much, and was a fan a long time before I met her. I'd been so much looking forward to working with her, and suddenly there I was, in the hospital wing! After a charming introductory scene ('take off your dress!' 'No, I jolly well won't, you nasty common woman...') she pulled me over the examination table and began the CP action.

And I cried again. Which Amelia-Jane would certainly not do in front of Matron. I was ruining my character's integrity! This made me very sad. So I cried some more, and asked to cut. I recovered myself and we carried on, but I was beginning to feel like I'd stepped into someone else's body. WHY did it hurt so much?

I went home, still baffled, and sad that I might have scared all the lovely people I'd been working with. Then I sneezed. And started to cough. And crawled into bed for two days.

Spanking modelling. Not an easy job when you're going down with a virus.

Fortunately I'm better now, and it no longer hurts to be spanked. The BDM has been experimenting, and he says I'm completely cured :)

Thank you, Bars and Stripes, for having me back! You are tremendous! I hope I didn't give the whole prison my bug.


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

At Home with Mr Electrician

This week I am having work done on my flat in preparation for letting it out (and buying a house with the BDM, which might take a while due to solicitor-related DRAMA), and my first visitor was an electrician, who basically moved in for 3 days. Fortunately, the super people at were on-hand to kindly offer me accommodation and generally abuse me for a few days, so I wasn't around to see my poor little flat being sliced apart. (more to follow on the B&S shoot - it was super but I don't have any pictures yet).

But I've never had people I didn't know in my flat before, and it caused me some problems. To what extent should one de-kink one's flat when strangers are coming to work there? Well, I'm not the kind of girl to have modelling pictures all over my walls (too depressing in the morning, really, when your reflection bears absolutely no relation to the photograph), so that wasn't a problem. One of the BDM's pictures of me is normally up in the hall (it glares over my shoulder if I'm looking in my bathroom mirror - spooky!) but I'd already packed it away...

The horrid thing is that you become blind to your own surroundings after a while. It took some serious concentration to spot a riding crop hanging on the front door (I hid it in the wardrobe with the Janus magazines and all my hats) but even after wandering round and round the flat trying to see it through vanilla eyes, my problems weren't over.

If I was left in someone else's flat, I think I might look in their cupboards. I realise that this is not a good thing, and I do hope that perhaps I wouldn't, but I MIGHT. So, it follows, my electrician might well do the same thing.

So I had a look in my drawers in order to see the contents through his eyes. (A bit loony, you might say, since I hadn't even met him yet...) Hmmm. I suddenly realised that I didn't want him to know I was sub. Somehow I felt as though it would be altogether less shaming if he thought I was some sort of ball-breaking, leather-clad dominatrix. Why? I suppose that maybe it'd make him want to do an awfully good job with my wiring? Or maybe just because it's so far from the truth that I wouldn't feel exposed? Or am I a little bit ashamed of being submissive - I do hope not!

Anyway, I took everything that looked vaguely 'toppish', of which I have very little. Actually corsets are pretty much all I have, along with some little leather outfits which I never wear...
And I hid anything more incriminating underneath. Cos, OBVIOUSLY, no one would rummage THROUGH a stranger's drawers? Surely they'd be content with a little look at the top layer?

And off I went to my shoot, obsessing all the time. Good lord, how will I cope if and when I live in a house with an actual DUNGEON?


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Actual Art

Ah ha. My blog isn't all about spanking, you know. Sometimes it's about other things. Like bondage. NO!!! Sometimes it's about whole other things, like normal photo shoots. And here is evidence of one, just in case you thought I'd completely lost perspective and wasn't doing any actual proper work any more.

Wrong! Part of my trip to America involved a week's journey with my photographer friend, who took the above pictures, and who's website can be found at

I've been working with him for a couple of years, so we decided to travel round California and Nevada and get some location work done. He's still working on the pictures, but I posted some of his studio pictures as a sort of warm up.

He's a lovely chap, and is very into trying to create images of strong looking women. Alas, I do not like to look strong. I want to look like a poor, sad, orphan. But I do try, because he's so nice.

I'll be working on his stand at the Erotica Exhibition in London this year, so do come along and see us and all our pictures. There'll be pictures of other models too, but I hide them under the table when he's not looking. Urgh, other models. Amelia-Jane hates those....


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Not Clever Enough for a Blog

Ha! I'm so sorry everyone; I couldn't remember my password and so couldn't log in and post! Suddenly remembered it, hooray! I am TERRIBLE at organising this kind of thing. If I manage to employ a bodyguard he'll have to be in charge of passwords too....

And I'm home, back in England, and very much in love with the way it looks, with lovely golden leaves falling, and enough chill in the air for me to wear all my new knitted clothes. I bought them in Los Angeles last month, and they barely fitted into my suitcase on the return flight...

I do apologise for not posting before; from now on things should be better because I've got a hideous, scary Blackberry thing which I think I can post from while I'm travelling. Thank you very much indeed to everyone who likes my work and has been visiting my blog even though I'm ABSENT! Thank you, it makes me feel happy and guilty all at once.

I've felt so guilty that I haven't even been able to look at all the other spanking blogs, because it just REMINDS me that I'm hopeless at posting... So I think I've really been punished enough, don't you?

I've been having a marvellous and interesting time at work. I try to go to LA once a year, because it's got such a high concentration of bondage and spanking producers, as well as the sort of climate that makes doing outdoor location shoots (with non-fetish photographers cos I'm less likely to be arrested that way) both rewarding and comfortable. So my September included the following interesting things (leaving out the non-kink stuff because I can't link to it without COMPROMISING MY IMPORTANT OTHER CAREER IN POLITICS/THE SAS/THE BBC/THE FBI and all that);-

-Shooting for TWICE! Yay! Shadowlane produces proper, feature-length movies with glamorous settings and lots of beautiful people. Wow! On the first day I got spanked by Arthur Sire, who is very attractive indeed, well done him. And Keith Jones punished me on day two. Hoorah, he's lovely. Ladies, if you get a chance, do let him spank you, it's like being punished by Rhett Butler;- charming but awfully firm. Mmm, Rhett Butler. I love him. Thank you Shadowlane!

-Getting over my 'Being Spanked by a Woman Feels Wrong' feelings, by working with Clare Fonda of and Chelsea Pfieffer of . Well, how interesting! I'm very heterosexual, and never really fantasised about being punished by a woman; furthermore I was a bit scared that it'd hurt my pride too much. Being the victim of a big, strong man is one thing, but submitting to a lady (who will ALWAYS be smaller than me, ALWAYS) feels more threatening. I was tempted to try not to react much. And failed. Ouch, it was tough, But lovely fun, and I hope that one day I might be able to top like that. For now, I shall be content with having silly girl-crushes on any woman who CAN top properly. Woo!

-Then off I went to shoot with the lovely Jon Woods and Lorelei of and . And got tied up lots. Whee, they suspended me in their garage! And let me do reverse prayer. Thank you Jon, thank you Lorelei! They were the first US bondage producers I worked with, and have always been super-supportive and kind. I do love this industry most of the time. Oh gush, gush ,gush, shut up and carry on with the story Miss Rutherford.....

Hooray, off to to shoot pantyhose. At least, that's what he does with everyone else, but he always ties me up too. I'm not complaining, but isn't it strange? Have a look on his preview page and see what I mean. Whee, thank you, Pavel - I love pantyhose (and bondage....)

And on my very last day, I trundled off to And he really does, which is why he had to be scheduled last. But what lovely fun it was! He does a terrible thing, making you turn over an egg timer when he starts spanking, and then NOT STOPPING until all the sand has run through. And after that he got out a terrifying wooden paddle with holes bored through it.... Bloody hell, I do hate paddles. I kept falling over after every stroke to give myself some recovery time, but he wasn't having any of it and held me up while paddling me. Which, I think, is deserving of some praise - I'm sure it's a VERY tricky thing to do. Sabrina, his super girlfriend, took stills, and we had a lovely long talk about spanking. I love her! She'd organised the best costume ever for the shoot - I've always wanted to be a cheerleader. And she gave me the lovely white boots to take home, which I crammed into my suitcase with all the knitwear... Then I went back to my hotel, ate my very last meal from Del Taco (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) and flew home. 10 hours on a flight after a Dallas shoot is not to be recommended, but it was marvellous to be home.

The BDM met me at Heathrow, and we took a week off work to remember how to have a relationship and to have walks in the park with all the lovely autumn leaves. And I remembered what BDSM is like when it's not work. Different. And perfect.

Welcome back to my blog everyone. I'll really try harder this time!


Thursday, 28 August 2008

I am the dom. The DOM!

Hello everyone. Ridiculously late post, am very sorry, as always. I've been Mrs Busy, and haven't been in England much. And I'm rubbish.

But I've been experiencing some interesting things at work this month! I've been in Spain with the BDM, shooting for with my friend Sammie B and Elle Tyler. And very fun it jolly well was. I try to direct 50% of the stuff we shoot on location trips because it's too much for one person, really (even when he is a DOM). So I made up a couple of stories, and off we went. Whee! Being a director at the same time as trying to act is not ideal, because it's very uncomfortable to criticise someone else's performance when there's no one there to do the same to you. But it certainly was interesting...

We started off with a harem themed story. Because the dom tends to drive the action somewhat, and the story would obviously be most familiar to me (because I'd, like, WRITTEN it) I reluctantly decided to cast myself as the 'head girl' of the harem, who bullies everyone else. Ouch, this meant I was going to miss out on getting tied up, which was a sacrifice, but it did mean I got the fanciest costume in compensation... Elle and Sammie played run-away harem girls who get re-captured and blackmailed by EVIL ARIEL into being her slaves while the Sultan's away. And did I abuse my power? Oh yes I did.

A few hands-free pedicures, cruel punishments and gratuitous insults later, Sammie and Elle turned the tables on me (the relief! I have no words to describe it!) and tied me up so they could escape again. Whereupon the BDM over-rode my original ending, and decided that Evil Ariel should be whipped. Hello? Why? Does this happen to real proper doms? Errrr, no, it doesn't. I, however, got tied to a St Andrews Cross and flogged. Hmmm, I don't think it did my status as director much good...

After taking a break from any kind of authority while we shot the BDM's Indiana Jones themed story, our third day of shooting found us trying to shoot a Roman Epic. With 4 people. This was my idea again, I'm afraid. I'd been very taken by the film 'Spartacus' when I saw it as a teenager, especially the beginning, with poor Spartacus staked out to die in the sun. So in what I'm going to call 'a sensitive re-creation of the original', Elle got the same treatment. Whereupon she was rescued by two seriously kinky Roman ladies, who, instead of training her as a gladiator or anything boring like that, invited her to join their bondage-orgy...

I did NOT enjoy giving up the best part (from a Damsel in Distress point of view) to Elle. Oh no I did not. But I really was trying to be professional... I got into my stride a bit with domming (I think I'm quite good at being a nasty, bitchy, bullying type, but RUBBISH at being a sensual or genuinely authoritative type....). Hooray for real doms. That's all I can say.

A/a :)

Monday, 21 July 2008

I am home (and I LOVE IT)

Thank you very much indeed to everyone who's checked my blog even though I've been a miserable, absentee blogger for weeks and weeks... I am home from the far off lands, and am here for a whole week, which means that I can catch up on blogging, woo!

First of all, to echo the excellent (ohhh, HOW do I just link to her without putting the whole bloody address? Everyone else seems to be able to do it, am I just SCHHOOpid??), if you're feeling in need of some lovely spanking pictures and videos, please go along and join . I love them, they do super work with fabulous girls and tremendous tops, and I've done some of my very favourite spanking work with them. Furthermore, they've been caught in some ghastly crossfire as a result of recent mentalist media interest in the spanking scene, and while they recover from it I think that having some extra members will probably make them feel better :) And the more rich and successful we all get, the more powerful we'll all be, and the more we can take everyone to court if they say horrible, untrue things about our community and the people in it. Which will be a very good thing.

La la la, I don't have time to properly explain what I've been doing, (and I expect it'd be BOOOORRRRING) so I'll make a quick little list-y so that you'll have an idea of what kind of work I've been engaged in since I've been AWOL. Here are some of my best/worst bits, see if you can guess which is which.

a) Shooting with the BDM for in the far North of beautiful Sweden, being tied up on beaches, to trees, and in our lovely ancient rented house. It never got dark so we didn't really sleepy, but even so, it was SUPER. Hmm, I just gave you a clue about whether it was a best bit or not. It jolly well was.

b) Going to work in Switzerland with James Bertoni at the marvellous . Oh joy; he lets you wear LOADS of makeup (till your face is sort of stiff, but ever so colourful) and then does beautiful, glamorous bondage in his fab studio sets (which include a pirate ship and a jungle with real running water), while wearing high, high heels the whole time.

c) Working with (not the website of course, the actual PERSON, but I can't work out how to write that so it links to her) for ; whee, it was fun! Niki's written about it properly, but I DID enjoy having a break from talking - being a pet-girl is a lovely holiday from responsibility...

d) Shooting pantyhose somewhere in France (still not sure where, to be honest) with a photographer who had 14 cats and no mobile phone reception at his house. Wowzer! 11 mosquitoes BIT THROUGH THE PANTYHOSE while we were shooting in the forest, YUK! But to make up for the lack of phone reception, he let me listen to my own iPod whenever we were shooting in the house. And sang along with me when required.

e) Whee! Having a date with the BDM when I finally got back to England. And loving him very much - thank you for waiting for me, BDM! We stayed in a hotel, gossiped a lot, and we were too tired to actually DO any BDSM so we just talked about it, which, it turns out, is very exciting too.

Shall try to post more before I go away again, thanks for reading, and sorry for being so sporadic!


Saturday, 7 June 2008


I do apologise to everyone, I'm not really at home at the moment and I'm struggling with keeping up with computer-things... Maybe I should buy a tiny little laptop thing, and then I could post when I'm working away from home... Starting next week, I shall be in ;-

Milton Keynes :)
and Spain until mid August.

So if I'm rubbish at blogging, that will be the reason. I'll do my best though, cos I love it....

In the meantime, I want to sort out a couple of things for people who've kindly commented here :)

Firstly - I do apologise to anyone who's linked to me and I haven't returned the favour. If that's the case (or if you want me to link to you) please reply to this post, letting me know where your blog is, and I'll sort it out. Sorry, I'm still a bit confused by how it all works...

Secondly - I'm really sorry to anyone who's made enquiries about one-to-one spanking sessions. I'm afraid I don't ever do them, for a couple of reasons. Mainly, although I really like doing BDSM at work, I feel a bit weird if the person who's paying me is also the one doing the spanking - I like the top/Dom to have been hired to do the job, the same as me. I'm not sure why, but it feels like there's more professional distance built in that way. Also, since starting my relationship with the BDM, I try to keep some things just between us, and playing privately with anyone else would make me feel as though I was taking something away from our relationship...

I imagine that if I tried to do one-to-ones, I'd be a bit rubbish because I'd be trying to stay as arms-length as possible, which I'm guessing would be reeeeeeally tedious and not very hot. Whereas when I'm making spanking films I can throw myself into it because I feel really comfortable (except for my bottom, obviously...)

But thank you very much to everyone who's enquired, I'm very flattered :)

And thank you to everyone who's kindly offered to be my bodyguard. I feel very much in need of at least one and shall be organising a rota very soon. Obviously, I won't necessarily do what you tell me to, even if you think it's for my own safety. In fact, I shall probably ignore you and be extremely rude if you try to impose your rules on me. Hmmm.

Mwah, mwah :)

Ariel and Amelia (Ariel will treat the bodyguard very well, by the way, it's only Amelia who's planning to be difficult...)

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Ouch, it HURTS!

I'm just back from my first shoot for this year. And very super it was! I was very fascinated by the film 'The Bodyguard' when I first saw it as a teenager, and although I couldn't BEAR Mr Smug Costner being all humourless and miserable throughout, I did VERY much like the idea of being bossed around by a bodyguard. It seemed so interesting that even though she was the boss really, he got to tell her what to do. It's played on my mind ever since.

Alas, I am not famous enough to need a bodyguard. I've only ever been spotted on the street ONCE as Amelia-Jane, and the lovely chap was too polite to come up to me, he just emailed me later. And no one has EVER spotted Ariel Anderssen, much to my disappointment. But I live in hope. Having a bodguard is a very hot fantasy, because however horrid and bossy he was, it'd all be FOR MY OWN GOOD, and he'd probably be all capable and military and mmmm, strict. Not to mention trained to kill. HOORAH!

So this is what I decided to shoot for Firm Hand. Our location was a lovely hotel suite on a top floor in Central London, and I was a pop singer (who, mercifully didn't actually have to sing during the movie...). And I had a jolly lovely time, haughtily insisting I didn't need to be escorted on my shopping trip, refusing to go to a security briefing at an arena, and being generally horrid before escaping my bodyguard and having a traumatic experience with a STALKER and realising he'd been right all along.... I've never really shot a spanking romance before, and it was really nice to have a proper happy ending for once, I do hope it doesn't spoil it for anyone...

I really wanted to say my favourite line from the original film;-

'He's my BODYGUARD!', delivered in a sobbing voice after the poor chap had been shot trying to protect me. But he didn't get shot, so I jolly well couldn't. Huh.

I don't have any pictures from the shoot yet, just a VERY sore bottom (bloody wooden paddle - the cane had broken enroute so we had to do extra paddling instead...). But here are two from my shoot for last week. I was a SPY. In a NUCLEAR SUBMARINE! It was tremendous!

Have a super week, everyone!
Ariel :)

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Bad Girl, doesn't even DESERVE a Blog...

In the olden days, before my blog started (in, umm, April...) I visited other people's blogs a lot (still do, natch...) and was very annoyed when they lazily didn't post anything new for days and days. And here I am, being even more annoying. Especially since I started rather well, I feel. But I did have flu, which gave me some time at home...

Here is a list of the things I've done since last time I posted. Some of them are interesting, some not. Please sort the list into two columns, clearly label them, and return it to me by Monday, class. (hmm, I've become a dom, or at least a teacher. How freaky - but it's almost midnight and I'm very tired, so I'm sure it won't last...)

1) Went to Devon, took all my clothes off, and made a travel documentary.
2) Danced on pointe for 2 hours (extremely badly) in Birmingham and hoped that it'd look ok for still pictures.
3) Watched Kill Bill with the BDM and wanted very much to be Uma Thurman. Especially in the training sequences when she keeps having to punch a block of wood, till she's like, BLEEDING.
4) Sadly said goodbye to the BDM and drove to Norfolk, where I spent the day being photographed with a selection of fruit and vegetables (I was particularly irritated by a large, flawless red pepper which I think upstaged me). Oh, lordy, this sounds rude. It was NOT a rude shoot, just a nice commercial shoot about eating more fruit and vegetables. Which I will not be doing, because I hate them....
5) Ooh, I have a fantasy about being made to eat my vegetables. Wheeee!!!
6) Met my cousin, who I haven't seen for 15 years. He turns out to be SUPER, and I hope he won't mind my saying this, but when BDSM came up in conversation, he turned out to be into LOADS of the same stuff as me which was lovely, interesting, and also made me wonder if all this stuff is usually hereditary? And he seems to have higher pain tolerance than me, which made me want to raise my game :)
7) Modelled for a 'lighting the nude' tutorial, run by a super photographer friend of mine. Which was entirely uneventful, except that I felt a bit sulky and didn't really do what anyone said...
8)Oh, gosh, there were more things, but I have to SLEEEEEEEEP. So shall write an ACTUAL post tomorrow :)


Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The Hive of Activity

Here is what I have been doing since I stopped being a producer and started being just a model again. I had a day's shoot at Restrained Elegance last week, and we shot some super new interesting stuff (interesting for me, at least). Here are a couple of frame-grabs from the first thing we shot. It's a piece to music, about a cabaret dancer who starts off happily doing her routine, but chains keep appearing from nowhere and restricting her every movement. Does she care? No, she just keeps dancing with the chains....

It was lovely fun, but I got huge ankle and wrist bruises from the metal cuffs. I'll post shots from the rest of the day next week, we did something cool with bamboo :)
And here are a couple of frame-grabs from another Restrained Elegance shoot which isn't edited yet. This was a member's idea, of a job interview which involves the applicant allowing herself to be thoroughly degraded in order to secure the post. I wonder if he'd been watching 'The Apprentice'? Suddenly the parallels are jumping out at me.... I love the picture below because I look so stupidly happy to be wearing the collar :)
And here are some lovely cane-marks. And hooray, she got the job! I do like the combination of CP and bondage - I'm awful at keeping still for caning, and it makes me feel a great deal safer to be restrained. I wonder if it'd be possible to be suspended from the ceiling while being caned? I expect so, I wonder if I dare try it....
And just because it's so fabulous, here is a frame-grab from my Spoilt Ladies Spanked shoot (the one which I directed and then realised I didn't like being in charge of). I love our horror-struck faces; we've just been caught fighting at a debutantes' ball. We are VERY spoilt.... And I'm afraid we get very severely punished....
In case there is any doubt (ha) the beautiful lady on the right is Niki Flynn and I'm on the left, wearing the most ludicrous dress I have EVER owned....
I'm on my way to a 3 day location shoot in Devon, but I shall post more when I'm home. Suddenly I want to talk on my blog a GREAT deal, and don't have any time...
Ariel xx

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Back Where I Belong

I posted last week about being super-excited about going back to for my second shoot. How right I was to be excited; I wish I'd worked with them when I first started doing spanking work, it's like being in a big, strange, happy, kinky family.

And how great was my joy not to be in charge! (It was VERY great, to give you a clue...) I woke up on Saturday morning and spent a lovely long time doing my face and hair, before trundling into the kitchen to be fed breakfast. So, pretty much like being a teenager again, really, but without the anxiety... As always, there were lots of people milling around doing important things, but I just ate toast and thought 'mmm; I'm going to be spanked, ALL day, and I'm going to be told what the stories are, and who I'm meant to be, and even what PANTS to wear, and HOORAY for Lucy McLean et al....'

Over the next two days, we shot and shot and shot, but these were my favourite bits....

1) Trying to maintain a vaguely Russian accent while being spanked for, like, an HOUR.
2) Crying and crying and crying over something I hadn't actually done, but which seemed entirely real at the time. (Hooray, super director...)
3) Being utterly vile for 40 glorious, spoilt, continuous, Amelia-Jane minutes and pretending to faint to avoid being spanked by my tutor.
4) Whee, working with Stephen Lewis, who really should get spotted by a casting director one day...
5)Oh, gush, gush, gush. It was all lovely. And I got spanked in the bath. And the water was PINK.

And then I flew happily home, having had a wonderful, spank-filled time with lots of lovely people, and feeling excited about seeing the finished product. Hooray for being a model, and not a producer! Can't recommend it enough.


This was my (entirely true) postive post about being a spanking model. Next, I shall write about the joys of being a bondage model. This might have to be made up. La la la.....

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Cinderella Syndrome

Hmmm, this is something I've thought about for a long time. And hoorah, I've got a blog so I can go on and on and on about it.

Since I've been a teenager, I've noticed a tendency in myself to enjoy life's dramas, especially if I'm the victim of bad circumstances or (even better) bad people. It's not that I enjoy having horrible things happen to me, it's just that I kind of (oh, lordy) enjoy the feeling of being rescued from the situation. Mmmm, especially by big strong men. And you need bad stuff to happen before you can BE rescued.

Now, this is all very dysfunctional, and I realised it wasn't very attractive, so I've really tried to stop WALLOWING when things go wrong. I thought it was just me; but when I started meeting other people in the BDSM scene, I realised there's quite a tendency in submissive girls (and maybe boys too) to relish being a victim. I noticed it so often that I started calling it (to myself) Cinderella Syndrome.

I think it's basically this; believing that, like Cinderella, your everyday misfortunes somehow make you more desirable to everyone else. And that everyone will want to know all about everything that goes wrong in your life, because it's actually terribly attractive to be a martyr. And that you don't need to take responsibility for making things better, you just need to wait to be rescued (like Cinderella by the prince). Now, it's very fun to be a victim in a scene, but when it spills over into real life, I'm worried that it might be a bit tedious.

Alas, just when I was feeling all EVOLVED, and as though I'm now immune to self-pity, the BDM (huh) pointed out that so far my blog has included;-

A post on how awful my flu is.
Another post about my flu.
A post about how much I hated being in charge of a shoot.
And.... a post about losing my diary.

And then he suggested that perhaps I might be suffering from a little bit of Cinderella Syndrome. Which seems a bit unfair, because he only even knows it EXISTS because I made up a word for it :) So I'm going to spend the week writing upbeat, happy posts about things I've enjoyed doing recently. Of which there are many, but I didn't want to show off.

And from now on, if I post gratuitously about how awful everything is, everyone is allowed to ignore me and/or call me Cinderella.

Amelia-Jane xx

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

I am a Disaster

Oh, for heavens sake. Today I had a day off for the first time in a few weeks (apart from the days I spent lying on my back, glugging Lucozade) and I had a super time on Oxford Street buying modelling clothes and eating cake with a lovely girlfriend. Then I went home and realised I'd lost my diary.


I have nine months of bookings in there, which I'll never remember on my own. And I'm not at all sure whether anyone who finds it will send it back to me, because I suspect it might make entertaining reading for someone with a non-kinky life.

I feel very sorry for myself.

But worst of all, the boyfriend/Dom/Master has been trying for months to make me zip up my bag when I'm out, because I'm always dropping stuff and inviting pick-pockets. And I have ignored him.


I think he is very likely to punish me, and I think he might actually be right. This is a very poor end to the day, and I feel rather ashamed of myself for;-

a) Ignoring the BDM's very sensible advice.

b) Kind of lying to him earlier when he asked me if my bag had been unzipped when the diary went missing.

c) Oh, lordy; just losing the most important thing I could possibly have lost. Apart, possibly, from my head. Or the actual BDM. Or my virginity. Hmmmm.

Anyway, I shall post a picture now, to distract myself from the horror of this particular Wednesday. And hopefully to distract you too :)

Friday, 18 April 2008

My favourite games

Wheee! I'm off to shoot with later today, and I'm so excited :) This is why I know I'm happier being a spanking model than a spanking producer - it's a lovely feeling, just having to turn up and act, really just like going to a friend's house to play, which I did a lot when I was a child. Here is a list of my favourite games which my sister and I made up;-

Witches' boarding school (hmmm, very much like Harry Potter, but we made it up first...)

Second World War (which involved us being very hungry evacuees and talking about powdered egg a lot)

Poorhouse (mmm, this involved us being horribly abused orphans, and eating crusts of bread)

WORKhouse (even worse than Poorhouse, we had to pull a plough, and had to collapse a lot from exhaustion. My sister didn't enjoy this game very much, but it was my favourite and I was always pestering to play it...)

Bomb. We had a lamp-post outside our house which ticked fabulously. We pretended it was a bomb, and took it in turns to tie each other to it, after which we had to escape. I was EXCELLENT at this game :)

So spanking shoots are really very similar to what I used to do just for fun. Except that there's actual spanking now, as opposed to imaginary cruelty. And it's my job. Hooray!

Now I must go and pack, so I shall post more when I'm home on Sunday. EXCITED!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Needing a Sanatorium

I am properly ill, it turns out. And how lovely that I've got a blog, otherwise I wouldn't have anywhere public to make a big fuss about the symptoms. I had a shoot yesterday which I couldn't cancel, and must have infuriated the makeup artist by blowing my nose and wiping off the makeup over and over again. She was very patient, and kept re-coating my nose in extra-thick foundation to hide the neon-glow.... And then she basically painted a whole different face on top of my one, and I looked fine in the pictures. Miraculous really - she even had something to stop my eyes being blood-shot. Have never modelled with flu before, am amazed how much a makeup artist can do to hide the evidence. We should all have one...

Is interesting that in bondage and spanking work, hardly anyone ever bothers with them. Gags tend to destroy makeup so I suppose it'd feel like a bit of a waste - and I've always been fascinated by what my hair does when I get spanked. It sort of re-arranges itself on my head and weaves itself into a weird kind of mat that sticks straight up. Which would be a total waste of anyone's hard styling work. I'd really love to have a stylist who'd ensure that I ended a spanking with my hair behaving like a lovely, shiny waterfall. Huh. And without my makeup smeared on the sofa.

I can't cope with being actually upright any more, so am going to lie down and drink some more Lucozade, which I'm heartily sick of now. I'm wishing that I belonged in an old fashioned girls' school story (not for the first time...) and that I could be sent off to a sanatorium to recover from my long, serious illness....

'No!' Cried Amelia-Jane, 'I simply must stay here and help the Upper IV to victory in the netball match against those beasts in Lower VB!'

The easy tears of someone who is not very well spilled down her pale cheeks, and Miss Newton knew that poor Amelia-Jane would not be playing netball again for some time. 'My dear, you've had a fearful illness, and added to that awful shock for you and Flynn last term, you're thoroughily exhausted. You'll need a good rest before you can come back to school - so we'll send you somewhere with good doctors who can make you well again'.....

Ahhhhhhhh :)

Saturday, 12 April 2008

The Strength! The Grace!

Except - not really. I used to be a ballet dancer, before I got taller than all the men who were meant to be able to pick me up. This actually happened when I was about 12, but I soldiered on because I loved it so very much. And thank heavens I did, because it turns out that kinky people often have a very special place in their hearts for ballet dancers. Why? I do not know. Certainly dancing en pointe is supremely masochistic, in an not very hot, blister-y way. Maybe because ballet is all rarified and mannered, so thinking of a ballet-dancer being, well - DEFILED - for example, is rather interesting.
Anyway, being a bondage and spanking model has given me the chance to re-live all my ballet fantasies; and here is one of my favourite ballet/fetish shots, taken at Easter by
And here is the story. I arrived at his studio, and he kindly carried my suitcase upstairs while I said hello to his wife and his cat. He chose my outfit from the selection I'd brought (ballet skirt and pointe shoes) and I put them on while he made me a cup of tea. Still talking to his wife, I started down the stairs, holding my tea and wearing my pointe shoes. Then I fell down the stairs, throwing my tea at;-
a) The ceiling (where it dripped back down onto me)
b) The stairs
c) His wife
d) The cat
And then I cried, while they kindly mopped up all the tea, including the splashes which had fallen on my shoes. Fortunately, when I'd recovered a little, I was able to help clean the ceiling, because in pointe shoes, I was the only one who could reach.
Then he took pictures of my legs until my face was doing normal model-things again :) And here is the picture. Hope you enjoy it :)
Ariel (because there was no spanking in this story, only bondage)

Friday, 11 April 2008

Mmmm, Cake.....

I'm still testing what my blog can do, so this was an excuse for trying to post a picture. I'm not sure if this will count as obscene, or pornographic. If so, I think something bad will happen. I don't THINK it is though.
I am still ill, and have eaten nothing except Lucozade for 3 days. And I'm getting super-thin. And rather weak. Amelia-Jane can't come out under these conditions, she needs fuel in order to be bratty and demanding. And my wrists hurt when I type. And you can't EAT Lucozade, anyway, but I've lost the ability to write properly in English. Ooh, dear, my precious blog is going downhill, and it's not even a week old yet! I'm trying to use this picture as inspiration.... At the time it was taken I remember thinking the cake looked super (I took at bite out of one of the pieces of fruit cake, actually) but brrrr, nothing is working today....
Ooh, have just been properly self-obsessed on my blog. Wheeeeee! I promised myself I wouldn't, but I don't even care....
Amelia-Jane (suddenly emerging...) Mwah. MWAH!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

I am not Sir Alan Sugar :(

And I really thought that maybe I could be. Having worked as a spanking model and often written my own scripts and sometimes kind of directed them, I thought maybe it was time to have my own website and to be an ACTUAL PRODUCER. My boyfriend/Dom/Master (haven't actually worked this out yet) is a proper successful bondage producer, so I've been watching him very beadily over the last few months and decided it didn't look too hard to do.

So having enlisted his help, I planned a two day shoot as a sort of experiment to see if I'd be any good at telling people what to do.

No, I am jolly well not.

Niki Flynn, like the Good Fairy of Spanking, offered to model so I could practice on her, and since I love acting all bratty and horrible when we're together, I though that'd be just super. I chose a super-lovely Top with years of experience, and a good photographer friend of mine offered the use of his beautiful spacious apartment. BDM (the boyfriend/Dom/Master) couldn't have been more helpful, doing the whole director of photography bit AND wading in front of the camera to be the Top on the second day. Even the location owner kindly offered to do some spanking for us (OUCH! Niki and I both regretted asking for his help - he was VERY enthusiastic, with a terrifyingly good technique for a beginner!)

But I'm afraid I kind of hated it. I couldn't concentrate on getting into character, which meant all the spanking hurt a LOT more than normal because I wasn't in the right kind of headspace. And I HATED, HATED, HATED telling the Tops what to do. And being in charge of how much Niki got punished REALLY freaked me out. I've seen her getting spanked and caned both on film (mmmm, am a bit of a Niki-stalker) and in real life, but as soon as it was my responsibility to make sure everything was ok, I lost my nerve and kept wanting to cut.

Basically I suppose I felt guilty, guilty, guilty for making people do what I wanted them to. And I've discovered how much I really love being employed by someone else - it makes me feel all safe and comforted, and, well, sub.

So I shall do something with the stuff we shot (some of it is absolutely SUPER, I'm particularly excited about the spanking music video we made) and go back to being a humble model.

I wonder if there are subs who really enjoy being the boss in their non-sexual life? I obviously can't cope at all, but surely some people can......

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Amelia and Ariel have got a blog :)

Oooh, how very exciting. I'm sorry to anyone who found the blog and was disappointed that I hadn't actually written anything; I don't really understand blogs yet, and didn't know anyone could find it :)

Anyway, this is my first proper post EVER and I feel shy. So I'm going to explain about myself. I'm Ariel Anderssen and Amelia-Jane Rutherford. This was a bad idea, it turns out, but I wanted to have two names for two different and important bits of me.

Ariel Anderssen is submissive, and works as a bondage model. When I'm Ariel I'm pretty willing to please, really; so I'm nice and obedient and very suitable for tough suspensions, big gags etc :) You can see lots of my work on where I have my own little series within the site called Restrained Elegance Nights where I explore the darker side of my fantasies.

Amelia-Jane is not in the least submissive and needs to be punished quite often. So that's who I am when I'm doing spanking work. And sometimes in normal life when the mood takes me :) You can see me on where I've directed some of my own work, and when I understand my blog better then I'll jolly well post a list of where you can see me...

I'm not sure how I'm going to use my blog, I can't imagine being organised enough to post every day, but I'm going to try to work out how to put up pictures, cos I'd like to be able to do that...

Anyway, hello, thanks for finding my blog, and do come back and say hello when I've posted more stuff and maybe even made it look a bit professional.

Ariel (today - I've got a virus, and am certainly not up to making a great big fuss about anything. But being in a nice warm cage and fed Lemsip would be just fine)

Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Does it even work?

Testing 4 5 6 7 picture posts

Can we post a picture? Let's see if we can!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Testing Blogger

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